Use STOP the Violence FCCLA program with antibullying projects.


Do you see bullying in your school? Kids being pushed around? Cyber bullying comments?

P1080274Walking through the hallways at school, how many times do you see a kid get pushed around? Or have their books knocked out of their hands? Do you see your friends grouping up on one person? Are students getting excluded because they are not wearing the right clothes?  My question to you is… How can you STOP the Violence?

STOP the Violence is a national FCCLA program that has a central focus of reducing youth violence. This national program gives all FCCLA members the tools to recognize, report, and reduce youth violence. In my local chapter, our initiative is called Operation Respect. Every month my chapter goes to our elementary schools and teaches Kindergarten through Fourth Graders about the issue of bullying and teasing. The kids love having the chance to interact with the upperclassman!

Now, when you walk through the hallways in your school, look for that kid that is getting pushed around by friends, or that kid that is scrabbling to pick up his or her books, or maybe it’s the student sitting at lunch all alone. Seek a way to STOP the Violence in your school or community!
*If a member chooses to complete in a STAR Event using the STOP the Violence National Program, he or she can apply for a National Award. The award application is due March 1st, 2014 and the award winner can win anywhere from $500 to $1,000!

Written by Kaija, State Secretary!

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