Minnesota FCCLA members are leaving soon for San Antonio, Texas and the National FCCLA Conference with hours of practice, days of working on STAR Events, speeches, and projects. 

Teen Times Cover Oct 2013

Bring home the successes and memories!







What top 10 things will National FCCLA delegates experience?

Noise clip art

10- What noise can over 7800 teens (delegates) enthusiastically make in a Ballroom?
9-How many Minnesota STAR Event successes will result from over ­135 MN participants from 23 MN chapterSTAR clip arts in the 26 event categories?
8-What will Texas heat do to your endurance and your hair? The forecast is for over 95 degrees for next 12 days.

7- Learn to speak “Texan”….various ways to speak the “English language”….How to say You’all…. the Texas way.

6- What being part of something bigger than your self feels like…tons of National FCCLA members!

5- How to listen, learn and be an appropriate audience for awesome speakers and presentations.

4- Learn why Family and Consumer Sciences is vital to our education system (child care, obesity prevention, nutrition and healthy choices, careers in needed fields of study, family living)

3- Exemplary Leadership trait- Model the Way with good behavior in the hotel, restaurants and conference sessions.

2- Exemplary Leadership trait- Inspire a Shared Vision and SOAR! Share in the excitement of an awesome career and technical organization.

1-Exemplary Leadership Trait- Encourage the Heart- Make sure you thank those who supported you with fund raisers, your chaperones and advisers, and those who put this experience together for you to enjoy (Staff, heart in handsNational officers, State staff, Hotel staff.)




Texas alamo


Ten foods to try in Texas:

  1. Tortilla Soup
  2. Fried pies
  3. Chili con queso
  4. Pecan pie
  5. Peach cobbler
  6. Brisket tacos
  7. Tex Mex Enchiladas
  8. Fried Okra
  9. Barbeque
  10. Chicken-fied steak

And Dr Pepper- Invented in Waco, Texas.texas taco

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