MN FCCLA is a 2018 Lead State Agency for Global Youth Service Day!


We know the impact of youth service is huge!

For over 18 years, MN FCCLA has lead service-learning efforts for Global Youth Service Day in April. This is a competitive grant from Youth Service America to become a Lead State Agency.

We encourage chapters to start planning service efforts to benefit their communities, schools and the world. Starting with Martin Luther King Day in January and ending with GYSDAY April 19-21 during the State Conference we will be recognizing the efforts of Chapters and members to develop and carry out service learning efforts.

Minnesota FCCLA is currently challenging chapters to make an impact in their local communities!

This year during the Minnesota FCCLA State Conference, students from chapters that have completed a Service Project STAR Event will receive on stage recognition. All students are asked to bring in a display board of pictures, data, and research of the project that they’ve worked very hard on this year. This is an excellent way to show the other chapters what you’ve done this year. It’s also a good opportunity to get ideas from other chapters to see what STAR Event projects you might want to part-take in the upcoming years. Show off your service projects to the whole Minnesota State Leadership Conference this year with our service parade.



Massen Kunerth

Minnesota FCCLA

State VP of Service

“Pie in the Face” to Raise Funds at State Conference


MN FCCLA is a State Lead Agency 2017 for Global Youth Service Day. April 21-23, 2017.

We will be celebrating youth service at state conference.


The signature celebration events will occur in local chapter’s communities with a MIRACLE MINUTE campaign to benefit food shelves in your area.

What is a Miracle Minute for Service?

During April 21-23, 2017, MN FCCLA is asking all Chapters to conduct a Miracle Minute or a Miracle day at their school in sponsoring a Lead2Feed effort for helping the local food shelves in their area.

  • What could you do?
  • Collect coins and donate all to your local food shelf.
  • Write announcements about Miracle Minute and the facts about food insecurity and hunger in your area
  • Develop a class challenge for prizes on which classroom or grade donates the most. Give prizes.
  • Find a “celebrity “ in your area to help you market the effort.
  • Challenge a neighboring FCCLA chapter to outdo your effort.
  • Collect cans of food and make a visual display in your school.

“Pie in the Face” to raise funds for these two causes will occur at state conference.

A benefit for Kelley Leibold and Olivia Wicklund family will occur as we help two former state officers who are challenged with health situations. As we pass around the buckets at general sessions, the donations will go to these two officers who have set up Go Fund Me accounts for their situations .We will divide the donations equally to these two former state officers.

About Kelly: November 29th, 2016 we found out that Kelly has a 5 centimeter tumor in her bottom right side of her brain. It has been causing her extreme dizziness, slight loss of control on her right side, headache, and nausea. Kelly has been unable to work for the last few weeks and needs to be able to pay basic home amenities along with her medical bill. Any amount, big or small, will be greatly appreciated!  Support Kelly Leibold as she finishes proton-beam radiation this February and starts chemotherapy in March. Proceeds raised go toward Kelly’s medical and living expenses.

About Olivia:
 My mom, Beth Wicklund, has been diagnosed with severe, early-onset subcortical dementia. My family has watched Beth’s father, my grandfather, pass away from severe dementia. We know this illness. We know our lives are now forever changed. We know the struggle ahead. That is why, on behalf of my mom and dad I am asking for help. My mom is only fifty-two years old. This diagnosis been an ongoing process and a daily struggle. After insurance, her medical bills are totaling $15-20,000. After losing my mom’s income, the rest of the family struggles to make house payments, car payments, copays on prescriptions, lunch account for my fifteen-year-old brother, hotel to stay down at Mayo Clinic for further testing, etc. Payments are long passed due and my dad could really use some relief as soon as possible (although he is too stubborn and grateful for the people that have already helped us immensely to admit we need help). I know there are many good causes to give too. I’m sure there are families that are scared and hurting even more than we are, but I am creating this fund because I am finally willing to admit that I am scared and I am hurting for my parents and what the future may bring. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my family’s story. If you are unable to donate, your prayers mean everything to us as well.

Celebration of Service Projects- At State FCCLA Conference. Parade of Service Projects at the Thursday General Session.

Signature Event– A Miracle Minute campaign in April in your FCCLA communities to benefit food shelves.

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America ( FCCLA)  will to use service –learning to address many teen issues. We will develop youth-organized workshops, conferences and projects in 5 Areas.

Youth will lead peer education efforts to influence their peers to inspire other teens for healthy family meals, community issues and local, state or global problems.

We will partner with other programs to bring information and inspiration to their peers in workshops and assemblies and develop service-learning programs around these issues for children, near-peers or their peers.

“Demonstrate what they know” in MN FCCLA STAR Events (Students Taking Action with Recognition) presentations before an evaluation team.


FCCLA’ers! -We challenge you to use your workshop presentations skills, service learning skills and earn a Delta Dental mini grant. Deadline is January 21.


Can you educate about oral health?

Can you provide speakers, classes or workshops about oral health or health issues?

Can you provide training for connecting health and the opportunity gap or achievement gap?

Can you bring awareness to eating nutritious meals and snacks?




Turn a fun workshop into a “Mickey and Minnie” learn to brush their teeth day for your elementary school classes.
Use Lead 2 Feed National Outreach Program as a guide to develop leadership and serve others.
Help lower income families gain oral health care by working with your local dentists.
Do a BAN CANDY DAY to talk about the effects of sugar and sticky candies on teeth and oral health.
Educate your student body about the amount of sugars in food.

Get ready to apply for a delta dental mini grant.

The deadline is January 21, 2016

Mini grants allow youth some resources to do a service project.

Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation focuses its community investment efforts on programs that promote the health (particularly oral health) of individuals, families and communities.  The Serve a Smile program empowers youth in helping to create happy and healthy smiles through service in their own schools and communities. There is an ongoing need in our state to better address community health issues.  Serve a Smile, in conjunction with Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) and our collaborating partners Minnesota Alliance With Youth and the Minnesota chapter of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), offers youth from across Minnesota the chance to develop a service project that makes a healthy difference in the places they live and learn.SAM_4423

Application is an online application on the MN Alliance with Youth Website.


MN FCCLA is a Lead State Agency with Global Youth Service Day in 2016.




Wow!- was it ever exciting to see Minnesota FCCLA members on the National Conference stage getting an award and a check for their chapter!

In July 2015 we saw Litchfield Middle accept an award for National FCCLA Chapter Award for Families First Award with a project called “A Little Can Do a Lot”.





We also saw Goodhue Jr/ Sr win a Sr High Runner Up National Award for a Stop the Violence Project called “Kindness Campaign”.





FCCLA offers a multitude of opportunities for members. One of these is taking part in a national program and applying for an award. There are many different national programs that have awards that you may apply for. In fact 8 national programs have awards linked with them.

The process of applying for a national program award starts with your chapter completing a project that would fall within a specific national program. This project must be completed between March 1st and the following March 1st. Makcareercone sure that your project is unique so it will stand out from the others. Many chapters apply for these awards so you want to be sure that yours will get noticed.

The national programs that have an award are: Career Connections, FACTS, Families First, Financial Fitness,Leadership Service in Action, Power of One, STOP the Violence, and Student Body. Each progrLeadership_Service_in_Action (1)
am has its own requirements. The requirements may be found on the national website,, under the national programs tab.

Once you have completed your project and you have decided to apply for a national program award, your next step factswill be to go onto the national website and click on the link that says Programs and then click on the next tab that says Awards. You will select the option that says Program award Applications. On this page, you will find a step-by-step list of how to apply for the national program award. It is very easy to follow and it also has a section of frequently asked questions to help you out along the way.

As stated earlier your project must be started and completed between March 1st and March 1st of the following year. The deadline to submit your chapter’s application to national headquarters is March 1st at 5:00 PM eastern time. The earlier you get your application in the better!

famfirst (1)powerone (1)finanfitstubod

Taking part istopn a national program is a great way to keep your chapter involved and also it could possibly get your chapter recognized on stage at national conference in July and also receive some money. It is a great opportunity and I hope that each and every one of you make it a goal to apply for at least one national program award this year!


Written by Courtney Heppler- State President

Remembering 911: What FCCLA Chapters Can Do for Disaster Awareness Preparedness


Disasters happen and we remember, especially around the time of 9-11. Minnesota sign

Minnesota has weather situations, cold weather preparedness coming for the winter months, community disasters due to wind, rain, snow, or home fires or school building situations.


What can an FCCLA chapter do to help their community? Here are some ideas:

  • assembling and distributing disaster readiness supply kits;

  • organizing blood drives;

  • making property improvements to reduce potential injury and property damage;

  • conducting disaster readiness audits to identify areas for improvement;

  • canvassing door-to-door or in public places to help their neighbors prepare for disasters.

  • winter weather kits

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MN FCCLA impacts over 34,569 people with Service Projects for Global Youth Service Day.


Showing 21st century learning skills, MN FCCLA members can examine critical issues, develop communication skills, think critically and develop projects that benefit their communities.


Being the Lead State Agency for Global Youth Service Day, (GYSDAY) MN FCCLA has served as a cheerleader, communicator and encouraged FCCLA members, their peers and schools to be involved in service-learning. GYSDAY is  Service Learning is a learning strategy that enabled youth to dig into issues, determine solutions, impact their communities and bring awareness, direct service or philanthropic efforts in their projects.

Partnering with Youth Service America, or YSA, MN FCCLA has impacted over 34,569 people in Minnesota this season with GYSDAY projects. YSA is a resource center that partners with thousands of organizations committed “to increasing the quality and quantity of volunteer opportunities for young people, ages 5-25, to serve locally, nationally, and globally.”IMG_5307

We know that the numbers only paint a picture of some of the involvement of MN FCCLA. From the 2015 MN FCCLA Service Projects Information from Service Parade data sheets we have learned that MN FCCLA chapters did direct service, raised awareness and funds for issues. 

Direct Service projects-14858 impacted, 6282 participants, 470 youth involved

Philanthropic projects, 12000 impacted, 800 participants, 304 youth involved

Awareness projects, 6611 impacted, 3736 Participants, 318 youth involved.

  • Totals
  • 31,426 impacted
  • 10818 Participants
  • 1092 Youth involved.
  • Plus State conference project=1100 youth involved.
  • Total youth involved 1092 plus 1100 =2192 total youth involved.
  • Total Impact 34,569


How did our Lead State Agency role help us to increase youth’s capacity to serve?

  • Some learning with service projects was specific to the topic of the effort.
  • Some commented that:  “I learned that most students spend too much on coffee and snacks.” “I learned it is fun to work with grades 6-8.”
  • Many increased their appreciation for healthy lifestyles: “Eating healthy and active playing can help your heart and make you feel good.” “We increased health awareness.”
  • Many expressed that they now feel more connected to community and can see the results of their efforts played out.  “It is great to contribute to community.”
  • “It is a great way to get everyone in the school and community involved in a common cause to help fund cancer victims and their families.” “It’s hard to get everyone involved.”IMG_5309
  • “Always makes us feel like we are part of community when we give back to them in some way for the support they give to us.”

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Be a person who creates a better world with your service!


Service projects!! FCCLA members are compassionate, take action and get it done in their communities and schools!
#getit on the map!

Post your projects on the GYSDAY and YSA maps.
Tell us what you are doing!
We will celebrate at State FCCLA Conference with a Parade of Service projects, Push Back Curfew for a Cause and #getitonthemap.

Watch this quick GYSDAY video and get inspired for action!

GYSDAY is April 17-19. State FCCLA Conference is April 16-18.

We are working to support No Kid Hungry- National Outreach Project.
We are working to support Hope4Youth and the Teen homeless shelter.
We are working to prevent distracted driving in teens and families.
We are.... FCCLA!








Applications are at this link:










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Do you think of yourself as a “Leader”?


Leader. Leader is defined as: “the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.”

If you think about it, we have all been leaders of something, some way or another. Perhaps you were the leader of your local youth group or the leader of a fundraiser to raise awareness of pre-mature child birth. Maybe you were even the leader of ‘Fish Club: We’re Not as Fishy as We Sound.’ No matter what it is, most people have beenSAM_2752 a leader, from family affairs to community volunteerism. Leadership is something that is a daily use and surrounds us all. When you walk down the hallway at school, if you looked to your left and then to your right or perhaps right in front of you, you’ll spot someone who is a leader in your school or community.

In FCCLA, leaders are more than just a daily term, it is a definition of who we are as an organization. All of our members strive and succeed at being leaders throughout their daily lives. Some members may strive to step even faLeadership_Service_in_Action (2)rther forward than the rest of group. If you, as a member, strive to take on a larger leadership role in FCCLA, stay tuned for some life altering information. [Read more…]

MN FCCLA –Named a 2015 “Lead State Agency” for Global Youth Service Day by Youth Service America.


Minnesota FCCLA will once again step into a leadership role to encourage service-learning. This will be MN FCCLA’s 13th year of promoting youth engaged in service through the GYSDAY. The celebration of service will be April 17-19, 2015 at FCCLA’s State Conference, April 16-18, 2015.

Part of FCCLA’s rich history is our unwavering support of service. Through our National Outreach Project (Share Our Strength: No Kid Hungry), National Program (Leadership Service in Action), and other partnerships and initiatives members have been inspired to serve and have been afforded many opportunities.nkh_logo_v3

On a continuum from “being a volunteer”  to “learning about the community’s needs and developing a project with reflection and service” , FCCLA members can learn from a service effort which can enhance the members’ academic learning, career preparation, develop character and teach technical skills.

In 2013 FCCLA changed the name of the National Program: “Community Service” to “Leadership Service in Action” members have been challenged to expand upon the work being done, and seek new service opportunities to learn valuable life skills.Leadership_Service_in_Action (1)

Leadership Service in Action adds a whole new dynamic to the work you’re doing as members, not only will you be giving back to your community, but you’ll be giving back to yourself.

By challenging mediocrity, and seeking new ways to improve your service you can truly be part of Leadership Service in Action. .

Whether you are a new member, an experienced officer, or an adviser there is something I’m sure you’ve all done in your FCCLA career: serve!SAM_0503Celebrate Youth Service at CapitolCelebrate Youth Service at Capitol

Youth Service America, or YSA, is a resource center that partners with thousands of organizations committed to increasing the quality and quantity of volunteer opportunities for young people, ages 5-25, to serve locally, nationally, and globally

By Cody Bendickson: State VP of Service