Ten thoughts on leadership


As MN FCCLA selects a new youth leadership team for 2014-2015, we reflect on what it means to be in a leadership position. Having a title and taking on a leadership position is not necessaily the same thing as leading. In FCCLA, youth leaders learn new roles with a “safety net” of caring adults, structure and routines, policies and guidance as they develop programs, events and guide their peers. It is a laboratory of building future career skills, becoming “college and career ready” as  they take on the roles in a career and technical student organization.

2014-2015 state officer team




  1. Leadership is not being above people; it’s about being beside people and pushing them above.
  2. If you lead and nobody follows, are you leading?
  3. The biggest enemy is not the outside work, it’s your inside world.
  4. You can be right, but say it in the wrong way.
  5. Leadership takes being strong AND warm toward others.
  6. A leader should work as hard as anyone else in the group and be willing to do the least desirable tasks.
  7. Complaining is not leading.
  8. Encourage the heart is a trait of an examplary leader.
  9. Posts on social media give you a glimpse into a person’s thoughts and brain. Your leadership is showing.
  10. Attitude is everything.
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