P1040224Walk a mile in another person’s footsteps and you begin to see a new world. FCCLA members will learn about careers in public service through MN FCCLA Shadow day.

How do you learn about careers? How do you know what’s involved in a job as a legislator? How do you make a difference in the work or state by changng a law, changing a policy, and by making an impact? Breann in sunglasses at Washington DCCapitol Day 2013 Hope and Sen Wiger

One opportunity of coming up this week is Shadow Day. FCCLA members will be checking out what it is like to be a public servant- “servant leader”  to an elected position. By following a legislator through a day of their job, members will see what they do, communicate, work with committees, and what are the state initiatives for change? One of the purposes of FCCLA is evident in their experience “to encourage democracy through cooperative action in the home and community.” Another purpose  that Shadow Day explores is “to provide opportunities for personal development and preparation for adult life”.

The event will also Serve as a Kick Off event for MN FCCLA as a State Lead Agency for P1040476 coming April 11-13. FCCLA members will be talking about their service projects with legislalors as they spend time with their Shadowed legislator and their staff.

Last year one member got a private meeting with her legislator and the Governor. He asked her” What do you want to do today?” She said; “I would like to meet the Governor.” So they called his office and went in for a visit. Another time, Member went with their legislalors to a ribbon cutting ceremony for the remodel project for St Paul Union (train) station. One member got to address a Legislator’s committee during his experience. 

The National Program Career Connection is a program that guides youth to link their options and skills for success in families, careers, and communities. With Career Connections, members are able to discover their strengths, target career goals, and initiate a plan for achieving their desired lifestyle. There are six (6) unites in Career Connection: Plug In to Careers, Sign On to the Career Connection, Program Career Steps, Link Up to Jobs, Access Skills for Career Success, and Integrate Work and Life.P1040446

As legislators and elected official learn about the leadership and service-learning work of MN FCCLA youth, they can advocate for the program’s success, link members to others with similar initiatives, recognize and promote family and consumer sciences education and career and technical education, speak up for FCCLA and ask youth to serve on various committees they work with.

Another way to learn about careers in your future might be through STAR Event research. Some STAR Events (Students Taking Action With Recognition), members can do with Career Connection include Career Investigation, Job Interview, Entrepreneurship, Interpersonal Communications, and Illustrated Talk.

Chapters can apply for awards and get national recognition if they complete the Career Connection projects. With this honor, chapters receive cash awards and special recognition at the National Leadership Conference, online, and in Teen Times magazine! The High School Award is $1,000 and the Middle School Award is also $1,000. The Runner-Up Award is $500. If a chapter wishes to apply for recognition for their hard work and innovative projects, apply online with the National Career Connection Program Award Application.

Written by Courtney Mensen- State Officer

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