Develop “Career and College Ready” Success Skills with STAR Events!


With Minnesota FCCLA 2014 State Conference approaching, it is time to put your finishing touches on your STAR Events!


Develop important career/ college success and work related skills through STAR Events such as Teamwork, Communicating your project, Planning and developing a presentation, Research, Oral speaking skills, and confidence!

Upon practicing your speech and reviewing other aspects of your STAR Event, make sure you pay close attention to your STAR Events individualized judges’ sheet/rubric, as that is what your STAR Event will be evaluated on. For example, make a check list to seek out and complete all the aspects of your STAR Event.

Before presenting your STAR Event at Region, State, or National Conference, I found it to be extremely helpful to visit your presentation room in advance as you will adjust to your surroundings and not be surprised when it comes time for you or your group to present. If you become nervous, the best stress reliever is to take a deep breath.  Practice your speech or other aspects of your STAR Event in your head, or talk to a friend, officer, or adviser to preview your event.

Work with your adviser on your STAR Event.

Work with your adviser on your STAR Event to calm your nerves.

It is important to remember upon presenting your STAR Event to:

Visualize Your Confidence– Believe in yourself and your prepared work, concentrate on your message.

Stay Organized- Keep your mind focused on the points that you need to cover in the time allowed.

Don’t Apologize– If you slip-up, don’t apologize. If you do, you will draw more attention to your insignificant mistake. Take a deep breath and keep going.

Develop your own style- make it your own, stand out among the hundreds of other STAR Event participants.


Lastly, have fun!

Alexander Gregg once said, “There are three things to aim at in public speaking: first, to get into your subject, then to get your subject into yourself, and lastly, to get your subject into the heart of your audience.”

Written by Marissa KunerthOsakis STAR Event Success April 2013

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