Be smart, be safe and think before you post, comment, like, share or text!


FCCLA helps members develop knowledge and encourages members to be smart about what they post about themselves.SAM_3830

So what’s safe and what’s a good idea for social media posts? Did you know that employers check social media on possible hires? Did you know that colleges check social media for applicants?
Want a good reputation when you leave high school??… think about what you post and share.  MN FCCLA asked  807 members in April….



” What methods of communication do you do regularly?”

Combined Grades 6th- 12th (157Male and 650 Female Surveys- Total 807 Surveys)           

                                                                                                                   Males        Females  Combined

Twitter 38% 49% 47%
Facebook 68% 57% 59%
Texting 78% 84% 83%
Phone Calls 68% 69% 69%
Writing a letter 16% 19% 18%


According to some research teens are sharing more information about themselves on social media sites than they have in the past, but they are also taking a variety of technical and non-technical steps to manage the privacy of that information.

  • 91% post a photo of themselves, up from 79% in 2006.
  • 71% post their school name, up from 49%.
  • 71% post the city or town where they live, up from 61%.
  • 92% post their real name to the profile they use most often.
  • 84% post their interests, such as movies, music, or books they like.
  • 82% post their birth date.
  • 62% post their relationship status.
  • 24% post videos of themselves.

So be smart, be safe and think before you post, comment, like  or text!

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