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FCCLA makes it REAL!


FCCLA provides students awesome experiences in leadership, civic engagement and real life experiences! Here are some examples of how educational experience have been real for FCCLA members.Large group- Capitol Leadership 2013

Real life democracy in action.  State FCCLA Officers observed first hand the federal government shutdown in Washington DC during Capitol Leadership Conference. Newspaper- Govn Shutdown 2013What they learned about how government works will be a forever memory! FCCLA Purpose 2: To encourage democracy through cooperative action in the home and community.


Service: FCCLA members from many schools were positive leaders with the St Paul, Oct 8th WE DAY activities promoting youth in service activities. MN FCCLA has been a leader in service-learning as a 12th year Global Youth Service Day Lead State Agency. In fact, over 25 years ago in the 1980’s, MN FCCLA members helped testify to Congress at the request of Lt Governor Marlene Johnson to promote service-learning. FCCLA Purpose 4 To encourage individual and group involvement in helping achieve global cooperation and harmony.

Learning about our national history: State Officers attending Capitol Leadership saw many historical sites where their history books came alive to them. Courtney rubbed the Vietnam Memorial of her uncle’s name.Lauren at Sit in - SmithsonianStanding at Vietnam Memorial


Lauren participated in a simulated a non violence civil rights “sit In” at the exhibit of the Greensboro, Alabama diner counter at the Smithsonian Museum.


State Officers toured Smithsonian museums and  observed Mrs. Obama’s inaugural ball gown. We saw the Washington Monument scaffolding as a result of the Washington DC earthquake damage. Washington Monument Oct 2013FCCLA members learn about generations and the history that made America what it is. FCCLA purpose: To promote greater understanding between youth and adults. Rasing the Flag- Washington monument





FACS: We talked to many about the value of family and consumer sciences education. State Officers learned how to be a spokesperson for their valuable FACS classes and FCCLA programs with partners, policy makers and the media. FCCLA purpose: To promote Family and Consumer Sciences related occupations.SO practicing for hill visits )ct 2013



Cultural Experiences: Attending a national conference with youth from around the nation, many socio-economic situations, cultural diversity and new ways of thinking and experiences are shared. Urban and rural experiences are shared and experienced with travel to an urban setting like Washington DC. FCCLA Purpose: To provide opportunities for personal development and preparation for adult life. So at Chinatown Oct 2013Check out how FCCLA can add opportunity and leadership to your education.

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