FCCLA- THE AMAZING RACE – Leadership, Learning and FUN!




Leadership training through the years at FCCLA Leadership Camp has been fun!


Fun helps us network with others. Having a little fun helps us to set up occasions that cut across diversity lines, diminishes ageism and helps people to get to know each other. Who ever thought that their teachers ( as Advisers) could be so 2008-09 state officers and thememuch fun??






Fun helps us develop creative thinking. An atmosphere of openness and lightness can allow new thoughts to be “OK”. It stretches what is possible.

Fun helps us add tradition and importance to being a part of the “whole” big picture. “Memories are made of this”  and the beat goes on through many years of FCCLA leadership camp P7220176traditions. Some members can remember the lip syncs they did, the skits and costume boxes trigger memories of what they did at leadership camp.





Fun helps us to market the FCCLA opportunity to other youth. Youth are attracted to things that are fun. But as one former State FCCLA President said “You tricked me into learning….It makes us stretch ourselves and reach for things we never believed we would do.”

Fun helps us retain knowledge. “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

Fun helps us drop the defenses to “trying new skPB050430ills”. A former officer said:  “Over and over again the organization amazes me. There’s no other group in my school that offers the kinds of experiences I’ve had… From learning to make presentations, communicate in writing, setting goals, working with others, working as a team, … The places I’ve been and the people I’ve met!”



Fun is good for us. Laughter increases endorphins, increases oxygen in the blood, lowers stress and helps us remain healthy.

In the workforce, fun has a place too. Fun makes a company good to work for, increases happiness, lowers stress, and increases morale. 8381008-R1-006-1AKarissa and Jennifer

As we look for the 2013 Camp theme of “FCCLA- The Amazing Race!” Let us have some fun!


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