Camp family July 2013

Hey- do you  want FUN, LEARNING and OPPORTUNTIES FOR TRAVEL, RESUME BUILDING and NEW FRIENDS? Make the month of September a month to market all that FCCLA has to offer! Start off a new school year with a FCCLA chapter activity.

Here are 10 ideas for the start of a new year!


1.VIDEO INTRODUCTION: Use the http://vimeo.com/56939150 video posted on the www.mnfccla.org  website IN THE NEWS as an introduction to FCCLA.

Here is a video of all the fun at the National FCCLA Conference

career panel at camp 2013

2.WORD OF MOUTH; Ask alumni or former officers and FCCLA leaders to make a presentation to your potential members.




3.USE INSPIRING QUOTES: Use quotes from members to inspire others to join FCCLA.

4.PARENTS WANT QUALITY EXPERIENCES FOR THEIR STUDENTS: Plan a parent’s night to introduce them to the dynamic opportunities that FCCLA can offer their students.

5.A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS: Make a bulletin board of recent FCCLA events, photos and examples of what has happened in FCCLA.

Kaija and Marissa at NLC Nashville 2013

Camp family July 2013





6.SLOGANS: Develop a slogan for attracting new interest in FCCLA

7.BRING FCCLA TO THEM AT ANOTHER EVENT: Use a football or volleyball game, another school activity and set up a table, bring a message or tell the participants about FCCLA’s dynamic programs.

8.SOCIAL MEDIA MESSAGE WITH CURRENT MEMBERS: Post a video, Facebook message or tweets from members to potential members.

9.SERVICE PROJECT NIGHT: Use a service project to market FCCLA as members who care. Do leaf raking for elders, do a school service effort, help senior citizens with e mails, or do a children’s event during a school activity. Be known as the teens with a mission!

10.BRING IN THE EXPERTS: Invite a region, state, national or peer ed officer to come to your school.

State officers and Flag

Use the expertise and enthusiasm of state and regional officers to build new interest in your school. FCCLA is a dynamic and effective youth-led leadership organization Contact the Family and Consumer Sciences teacher in your school and ask them to get involved with FCCLA!

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