Will you have a financially fit life??



Approximately 38% of high school seniors are either unprepared or worried about going to college. How much will it cost? Is college the best financially plan for you? Will you have a financially fit life?

Financial Fitness is a national FCCLA peer education program that involves youth teaching one another how to make, save and spend money wisely. This national program will help you prepare in planning a financially fit life.  Financial Fitness has five units that are very beneficial. Money ladder

1. Banking Basics – This unit helps you conquer bank accounts, credit and investments. It is essential to learn how to manage a checking and savings account. When you enter the workforce most employers require direct deposits in which your payroll check will be deposited into a checking or savings account. It will also be helpful when you need to withdraw money and pay bills. Understanding how a bank account works will help from over draft charges and other fees.

2. Cash Control – Learn how to track and plan personal spending. Establishing a budget and learning how to keep track of what your spending.  You might save yourself from financial hardships.Money tree

3. Making Money – Get set to sharpen on-the-job financial fitness. When you reach the appropriate age to get a job you have many chances to make money. You are able to plan what you’re going to use it for like a new car, maybe college or something you want. Finding a job is an exciting thing in your life that shows your responsibility.

4. Consumer Clout – Become a savvy spender. This important unit will help you to learn how to spend your money wisely and not waste it on things you do not need. Becoming that savvy spender will help you in the future by not having to pay off unnecessary debt.

5. Financing Your Future–  Learn now to apply financial skill to real life. This is where planning for college comes in. You want to be able to finance for college and life after college. This means you may have to apply for financial aid and take out student loans and find employment during college. If you take time to sit down and plan out your future you will know ahead of time how much things actually cost. Opportunity ahead sign

By using these five units you might be able to make, save and spend money wisely. I hope you have learned more about the Financial Fitness Program and will start preparing for your future with these practical tips.

Written by Rick Osborne

Vice-President of Resource and Development

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