WHAT MN FCCLA MEMBERS ARE SAYING-Some surprises… Some not!



We surveyed over 632 grade 6-12 grade MN FCCLA members in April.

Emotional Health is on their minds. Dropping out of school is not on their minds.IMG_0020


Value of FCCLA: FCCLA members rank “Motivation” and “Speaking Skills” as a top skill that FCCLA has given them. (69% of all members surveyed said this) MN FCCLA Survey 2015.




90% said State Conference is a favorite part of being a member of FCCLA.









What they LOVE: Our Members LOVE the competitive events (STAR Events) as only 4% said that reducing the amount of STAR event options for them would be beneficial to them.


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Low Drop Out Rate of Members: Less than 4% of FCCLA members know of a member who has dropped out of school.

Emotional Health is on their minds: As many as 44% of members said they think about their emotional health “all the time.” Its ever higher (54%) for 12th graders.

Less that 13% have talked about their emotional healthy with their friends.

85% of members surveyed said they are hopeful about their futures.

Skills: 81% said FCCLA helps them set priorities.SAM_3831

75% said FCCLA helps them to be ore goal oriented.



Barriers: Over 50% admit that their biggest barrier to success is “themselves”.

Future plans: Surprisingly, Over ½ of the 11th grade boys want to be a teacher.

How members communicate: Texting is the main form of communication.  Only 21% use Skype as a way of communicating.


Source: MN FCCLA Members Survey of 632 members in grades 6-12, State Conference STAR Event members surveyed, April 2015.


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