A State Theme Sets a Vision!

This year the Theme is Courage to Pursue… Dreams Come True.

A State Theme Sets a Vision! This year the theme is:  Courage to Pursue… Dreams Come True.Minnesota-2014-Theme-1-LOGO-e1378934114371-198x300

The state theme’s mission is to achieve your dreams by utilizing your courage, imagination and passion.

The goals are: Lose the limits! Believe it: Don’t fear failure! Achieve it: Break through barriers!

Determined by the State Executive Council (youth leaders), the annual MN FCCLA State Theme has guided, encouraged and challenged youth (and adults) to action. One of the “magic” parts about FCCLA is that the organization practices youth voice and youth-led leadership. Sometimes a keynote speaker with lots of opportunity to observe youth events and do some comparison will say; “How does it get to be this way?” when they come to the annual FCCLA Conference.  When sked what they mean they will say that they observe youth engaged in the sessions, youth anxious to do their presentation and “plugged into” what is going on with a lot of evident pride and investment. There is a buzz about the conference of energized youth people! They have inspired a shared vision. A youth-determined annual state theme sets a visual challenge to do something, be someone or grab some Exemplary Leadership Qualities and change their lives, perspectives or relationships. Because it is youth voice, it is powerful to their peers and to others. It sets a vision for the year.

Vision Creates hope.—It says there is something to hope for.

Vision Clarifies purpose.—It allows us to see our roles more clearly.

Vision Connects the dots—It helps people see the big picture.

With those thoughts in mind, take time this week to consider what it means for you to live the state theme vision “All in to go all out.” I know that State Officers from the past can tell you exactly what their state theme was … years from when it was used!

Recent ones were:


2011- The Journey’s Just Begun

2010-Life’s a Canvas… Create It!

2009-Leaders… Start Your Engine!

2008 Endless Opportunity- Embrace the Possibilities

So take a moment to reflect on …Courage to Pursue… Dreams Come True.

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