What are you grateful for?


Olivia and Debbie Phelps June 2013State officers healing homw from Capitol Leadership 2013FCCLA’s purposes help us to organize some thoughts about gratitude.
We have much to be thankful for! FCCLA’s central focus is the family. Thanksgiving is the time to appreciate family. Holidays are often filled with great food, family time, rest and reflection time. FCCLA helps us appreciate new teen friends who share similar interests and values. Youth leaders with aspirations can find like-minded peers who support them in character development. FCCLA helps teachers/advisers see tangible results in the lives of their members. Teachers get to share their success and growth. FCCLA allows youth the opportunities to travel for leadership conferences, state and national competitions and to meet awesome speakers, inspirational leaders and hear significant encouraging messages.
FCCLA helps members to focus on democracy, civic and global engagement as they offer service and learn.
So celebrate with a spirit of gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!

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