Valentines Day- “Encourage the Heart” as an Exemplary Leader


Examplary leaders encourage the heart!

Happy FCCLA Week and Valentines Day!

Self appreciation is so important to a healthy, happy state of mind. If you don’t appreciate and love yourself no one else can.

1) Be good to yourself– Spend more time with people that make you happy and lift you up.

2) Avoid negative friends.

Next time you are hanging out, if people are critical, complaining or negative, then alarms should be going off: Your positive energy is your resource to you. Protect it!.

3) Do something you enjoy everyday. Make it a 5 minute habit to treat yourself. Do something you enjoy like taking a walk, reading a book, enjoying a favorite food ro fruit, or watching the sunrise.

4) Concentrate on your blessings and fill your mind with thoughts of gratitude. Here are some excercises in building gratitude:

      1. Make a list of all the ways in which you are blessed.
      2. Zero in on a problem you have struggled with in your life. Identify at least three blessings you have experienced as a result of this challenge.
      3. Dream up little ways to brighten someone;s day. Carry out the plan and do them.
      4. Spread kindness and good cheer. You can spread good cheer at the gas station, grocery store, at school, in an airport or on your way home,.

So be good to yourself and encourage your own heart!


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