The Grand Ole’ FCCLA Conference in Nashville!


Nashville National FCCLA Conference 2013Marissa, Courtney met Nashville Singers on street

Many hours of preparation, registration, paperwork, plans, practice and studying has produced winners, accomplishments, growth in character development, leadership and knowledge of content areas in family and consumer sciences education. 7000 youth in one place and it was inspiring, hopeful for a bright future and challenging all at the same time. I wish that more than 5% of the membership and advisors could experience the week!Olivia and Skylar at Nashville 2013 As the participation in competition grows in number of events and participants, some logistics were challenging- enough hotel rooms, scheduling, communication to four bus loads of MN FCCLA’ers and health issues, long hours and the humid weather making us hot.  116 STAR participants and nearly 70% got GOLD! Olivia becomes a new National Officer with lots of studying and preparation. Skylar finished his NEC year with much professionalism on stage. What are the chances that you would hand the National VP of Competitive Events over to each other? Marissa, Kaija and Lauren at Nashville - Dredlocks 2013

Yes, success in leadership and STAR Events does not come easy. You all worked for it! The excitement and joy of gold medals are great to experience. Congratulations to MN FCCLA for representing us so well in Nashville for the National Conference. The Minnesota FCCLA delegation had a great time lighting up the General Sessions with their spirit! MN FCCLA had national award winners, scholarship winners, success as national officers and many young members aspiring to take on challenges in their future. Thanks to the advisers and chaperones who kept up with it all!

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