What does it take to become a “team”?

The new FCCLA State Officers met for their first Exec Council training in June.

These are some of the components of a team “forming”.

  • Respect
  • Experiences in Common
  • Trust
  • Common goals

Respect: When team members are grateful for the experience to be together, it helps to begin a long uphill climb to the tasks before them.

Experiences in common: A spirit of team can form over the silly things, shared laughter, activities that break down the image management that people all do when they are trying to manage what others think about them. A group that shares activities and the “dipsy-doodles” along the way, become stronger.

Trust: Being in a team will require that you trust the others that they “have your back”, will go the extra mile for you and not talk differently about you when you are not present.

Common goals: The team starts to form when goals are clarified. Seeking common goals can bid a group together for the hard work ahead.

Congratulations State Officer team on your first experiences of respecting, experiencing, trusting and seeking goals together.

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