Take a Kick in the Attitude! Sam Glenn-State Conference Speaker will challenge your attitude.


untitled- tiger and pigs 4Keeping a check on your attitude is hard to do. Do you try to start each day with a “good attitude”? What if someone “ticks you off?”  Are you a “Glass Half Full” or a “Glass Half Empty”  sort of person?Quote by Sam Glenn

Sam Glenn- Keynote Speaker for MN FCCLA

Do you have to work with someone who has a “bad attitude?” What if each day you made it a mission to “Encourage the Heart” of another person. Would that positive gratitude attitude “spread like wildfire”?Positive Attitude

Sam Glenn- State FCCLA Conference Keynote Speaker will challenge you to take a Kick in the Attutude!

Sam Glenn’s stories and life experiences have come from his not so lucky past. To start off, his business burned down causing him to go into severe depression. It was a chance encounter, a subsequent friendship, with Zig Ziglar that eventually gave Sam a “Kick in the Attitude.” This friendship would be the thing to save Sam’s life.Sam Glenn thumbup

Within two years, Sam went from sleeping on the floor to achieving dreams he once thought impossible. Sam’s ability to turn problems into positives has made him a leading keynote covering various topic including leadership, adversity, and cultural advantages. Over the years, Sam Glenn has been a fantastic resource for FCCLA.

Sam’s energetic, and often humorous, programs engage, equip, and empower audiences with an attitude recharge that will improve performance in their professional, as well as personal, lives. His speech will literally come alive as he draws a huge chalk masterpiece. If Sam Glenn sounds like an awesome speaker to you, which he does to me, then make sure you don’t miss out on him at this year’s State Conference!

Written by Ethan Dressen-State President.

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