We challenge youth leaders to be “Agents of (Positive) Change”!



The state theme “FCCLA: Agents of Change” was chosen by the 2015-2016 state officer team to challenge themselves and members to.

  • Be the change they want to see.

  • Make the most of their time in FCCLA honoring the past and improving the future.

  • Search for new beginnings and discover something new.

What qualities would an FCCLA “agent of change” in FCCLA haIMG_6800ve?

A FCCLA member who has a have a clear vision and be able to communicate that clearly with others. This is Peer to peer education, a member modelling the way or an officer who helps a group determine goals, plans and results.

An FCCLA member who is a change agent would help their friends and other members to experience something before they really understand. They would inspire a shared vision.

An FCCLA member who is a change agent would ask questions and keep asking questions to help people think.

An FCCLA member who is a change agent would have character and credibility and become knowledgeable and lead by example.

An FCCLA member who is a change agent would build strong relationships with their peers, communities and schools and these relationships would be built on trust.


Change agents will help to create more leaders, not more followers.

Some of the programs of FCCLA will help members to develop these qualities.
Take the challenge of being an officer of their chapter, region or even state levels.

  • Be involved in STOP the Violence for a safe school climate.stop


  • Be active in Student Body project to develop good eating, fitness, social and emotional health or resiliency.

  • stubod
  • Be involved with a service-learning project to do more with a local food shelf or a community need or a global concern such as the The Happiness Home for orphans in Africa or Little Dresses for Africa projects.

  • Leadership_Service_in_Action (1)
  • Be involved in celebrating the 70th year of FCCLA organization and honoring the past.

  • Doing a STAR Event to learn new knowledge and develop research, writing, speaking or organizing skills.


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