Power of One


Power of One helps students find and use their personal power. Members set their own goals, work to achieve them, and enjoy the results. The skills members learn in Power of One help them now and in the future in school, with friends and family, in their future at college, and on the job.

Have you ever thought about a special goal? Maybe you would like to develop better study habits, cope with a physical challenge, get along with a sibling, improve job skills, become a leader – or any other personal goal. Power of One is for You! You select the goals most important to you, then create a plan of action to meet them.

Power of One Units:

Power of One gives youth the POWER to fulfill their dreams by creating self-directed projects that focus on:

  • A Better You — Improve personal traits
  • Family Ties — Get along better with family members
  • Working on Working — Explore work options, prepare for a career, or sharpen

skills useful in business

  • Take the Lead — Develop leadership qualities
  • Speak Out for FCCLA — Tell others about positive experiences in FCCLA.


Project ideas:

A Better You– Set goals and work toward…

  • Keep a daily food diary for a week
  • Hand in homework on time
  • Pick up and organize your room
  • Manage your money
  • Learn how to be assertive
  • Be on time
  • Study for 30 more minutes a day
  • Learn an exercise that you like
  • Reduce the amount of junk food you eat

Family Ties -Set goals and work toward…

  • Set up a game night for your family
  • Set up a family dinner night
  • Say only positive things about your family
  • Create a family time capsule
  • Feed, exercise and clean up after the family pet
  • Interview older relatives and write a family history
  • Create a scrapbook of family photos
  • Make a family tree
  • Collect favorite recipes from relatives
  • Prepare a nutritious family meal.

Working on Working Set goals and work toward…

  • Fill out sample job applications
  • Create a resume and portfolio
  • Complete the career connections quiz on career choices
  • Organize a college fair at your school
  • Complete a Leaders at work project
  • Attend a job fair
  • Set up a job shadowing experience

Take the Lead -Set goals and work toward…

  • Lead a committee
  • Research how to run for an office
  • Do a speech to a community group
  • Volunteer for several weeks
  • Organize a chapter membership campaign
  • Join a parliamentary procedure team

Speak Out for FCCLA- Set goals and work toward…

  • Tell my family about FCCLA
  • Create a chapter website
  • Speak to a local official about FCCLA
  • Plan FCCLA week activities and PR
  • Write a news release for a chapter event
  • Demonstrate a STAR Event to your chapter
  • Write a letter to a legislator about FCCLA or advocate for a law change
  • Write letters asking for donations for your chapter.
  • Create a FCCLA leadership blog



FCCLA offers national recognition to members who complete all five FCCLA Power of One units. This honor includes special recognition on the FCCLA website and at the National Leadership Conference. To gain recognition for your Power of One accomplishments, send the Five Unit Recognition Application to your state adviser (by the state deadline).
State Advisers Deadline: A list of Power of One applicants is due electronically to FCCLA national headquarters from state advisers by April 1.  Any names submitted after April 1 will not be accepted