Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety (FACTS)



Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety (FACTS) is a national peer education program through which students strive to save lives educating adults and youth about traffic safety and supporting enforcement of local rules and regulations regarding community traffic safety.

Through FACTS, FCCLA members create projects that strive to save lives through sober driving, seat belt use, safe driving habits, becoming the spokesperson for their safety, and bridging the gap between youth and adults to understand the importance of driver education and safety. Traffic safety is a family affair. Children first learn basic safety skills and attitudes in families. Crashes deeply affect families. FCCLA members can help families emphasize safety and avoid related concerns.

FACTS is a program that can excite students about learning, sharpen their critical thinking skills, and provide many opportunities for hands-on, student-directed lessons. By coordinating the FACTS peer education efforts with efforts through academic learning, projects can be service learning opportunities for FCCLA leaders.

FACTS Units:

  • Think SMART — Promote attitudes and provide events that keep youth from driving when under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.
  • Buckle UP — Promote the benefits and safe use of seat belts, child safety seats, booster seats, and air bags.
  • Arrive Alive — Promote safe driving habits, especially for less-experienced drivers.
  • Speak Up — Promote the empowerment of teens to speak up for their safety.
  • Bridge the Gap — Promote conversation and training for parents of teens as they work together to enhance traffic safety.

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FCCLA offers national recognition to chapters that complete FCCLA FACTS projects. This honor includes cash awards and special recognition at the National Leadership Conference, online, and in Teen Times magazine. Chapters apply online for recognition for their hard work and innovative projects with the National FACTS Program Award Application.

  • High School Award — $1,000
  • Middle School Award — $1,000
  • Runner-Up Award — $500

Deadline: Award Applications must be submitted online to FCCLA national headquarters by March 1.The online award system will automatically close March 1, 11:59 p.m. EST.

Project Ideas:

  • Seat Belt Awareness Week
  • Distracted Driving Obstacle Course
  • Skills Fair for New Drivers
  • Work with your local police department and do a presentation using goggles that simulate impaired driving
  • Plan a parents’ night and invite kids and their parents to come and learn about traffic safety together



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