Prepare for Future Careers That May Not Even Exist


We are in the twenty-first century and think we have discovered everything, but we may not have. There may be jobs out there that may not even exist yet.

FCCLA can help you prepare for those careers.


In your career you will need to know how to talk to people, how to present your ideas, and how to work with people. FCCLA can teach you all of those things and here is how.

Talking to people is feared more than death, but as FCCLAers we have the amazing opportunity to talk in front of people through STAR Events, running for an officer position, or even through going to a conference and meeting new people.




Presenting your ideas is hard, but STAR Events help us practice different ways of this exact thing. We learn how to use powerpoints, display boards, and portfolios. Any business or employer goes crazy over someone who knows how to present an idea without fear.

Working with people who you do not particularly know is next to impossible, however; FCCLA can help with that. FCCLA officers have multiple ways of getting you to work with others you do not know.






You can get any credentials through college, but these skills are hard to learn alone, FCCLA is here to help you prepare for those future careers. Some 21st Century Skills are; Creativity, Leadership, Critical Thinking, Management, Goal Setting, Problem Solving, Decision Making and Cooperative Learning.

Bethany Janssen, Vice President of Partnerships


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