New STAR Events this year! About Ethical topics, Leadership and the Need for Future Teachers!


Try out some new STAR Events this year!

Here are some new events that have been added or refreshed in the Minnesota STAR Event Handbook.


MN STAR Event #3 Ethical Essays (Character Ed Writing event)  This is an essay, an applied writing event with essays about character education topics.  Members will chose a topic and write an essay about ethical topics such as trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, citizenship and positive character traits. Junior, Senior and Occupational categories.


MN STAR Event #8 Say Yes to Facs

Say Yes to FCS is an individual or team event allowing members the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed in planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating a marketing campaign related to Family and Consumer Sciences Education. The campaign will focus on what is involved in becoming an FCS Educator, where to get certified and career opportunities available to those that major in the field. Participants must prepare a portfolio, conduct an interview, prepare an oral presentation and a marketing tool. This Event DOES NOT qualify for national level. Junior, Senior and occupational categories.


SAM_5110Event # 17 Leadership in Careers (Individual or Team) This is one of the Illustrated Talk categories.  Note: The Illustrated Talk Rules and Evaluation Forms are in the Nat’l Handbook.

Purpose: Analyze how the FCCLA tag line “The Ultimate Leadership Experience” is true for youth leaders. Show how the FCCLA opportunities of national, state, regional, local leadership opportunities as an officer (current or future local chapter officer, Area Officer, State Officer or National Officer) will help you to become better at skills, knowledge and attitudes that are important for a variety of careers. Analyze the application for a leadership position and determine how you can strengthen your resume and give stronger answers if you became a candidate for an FCCLA leadership position.

Rules: Follow the Minnesota STAR Events general rules. Use the Illustrated Talk rules from the national handbook for guidelines and rubrics for evaluation. One to three participants. Develop an analysis or a report of how you could strengthen your answers and examples of leadership for becoming a candidate application for a FCCLA leadership position.

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