Message in a Red Jacket Pocket!


This awesome note was found!

FCCLA Red blazers are the symbol of FCCLA leadership, professionalism and service to the organization.

IMG_0095SAM_5080Rgion 8 Fall meeting 2014

The MN FCCLA red uniform jackets are collected each April for a new set of State, Regional and Peer Education Team Officers to use for the year. We recently took the jackets to the dry cleaners. In dry cleaning the returned jackets, pockets are cleaned out and an inventory taken. In the pocket, a folded note was found. After looking at what it was a while later, this note was written to a future jacket user. As we did not see it for a while, for now, the writer is anonymous as we sorted through the pocket leftovers…


“ To the next owner of this blazer….

Congratulations on becoming an officer! You’ve worked hard to come this far, and you’ve done well. Make the most of the year. Don’t settle for apathy or mediocrity. Soar to new levels of leadership and awesomeness. Don’t be afraid to speak up or take the lead, because these are traits that will help you as a leader. Above all, take advantage of this opportunity, and do everything you hope to do. Don’t settle for the good when you can go for the great. Just make sure that, by the time you turn this blazer back in like I’m about to do, you have no regrets and have had the best year of your life!

Congratulations! “

Well said!….

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