Membership Affiliation Information

State Staff Contact information

 Wendy Ambrose -Executive Director  Phone 651-330-2950

 For Affiliation of a chapter (new or Continuing) please go to this link on the National FCCLA website.


MN FCCLA Chapters may affiliate as a FCCLA Chapter ( any grade) or a FCCLA Middle level chapter.

FCCLA Chapter (Any Grade)

  • Membership dues for a member are a total of $20.00. ( State=$11 and National=$9.00)
  • A minimum chapter is 12 members or $240
  • There is an online process with National FCCLA for Affiliation and Roster.

FCCLA Middle level chapter. (Middle Level Grades)

  • Membership dues for a middle level chapter affiliated in a lump sum is possible. This fee is $450.00 national dues and $100.00 State dues. Any number of students may be named on the affiliation roster. Up to 500 members are counted for this chapter. This is only available for middle level students.
  • Send in the Middle level Affiliation form and Roster.
  • .MN FCCLA is a direct affiliation state with online affiliations with national FCCLA.
  • Membership affiliation is needed to participate in FCCLA events and Competitive Events.

Membership Dues:

All affiliations must be a  affiliated on the national website online system before students can be regiistered for STAR Events.

Post Secondary/ Collegiate Membership is available with FCCLA.

Contact the State Office for more information. 651-330-2950

Post Secondary FCCLA members in participating pilot states will be eligible to compete in several STAR Events.

Advocacy- Individual (1) or team (1-3) event

Early Childhood- Individual Event (1 person)

Fashion Design-Individual Event (1 person) 

Interior Design- Individual (1) or team (1-3) event

Teach and Train--Individual Event (1 person)

All Post secondary STAR Event participants must be affiliated Nationally. Dues must be postmarked by March 1 of each year, post secondary students are not required to complete in state events but they must be chosen by the state established procedures.

Each state may select 3 entries per state.

To be able to participate in the national pilot post secondary STAR Events, participants are required to register for the days they will be attending the national Leadership Conference and pay non refundable STAR Events registration fee. Post Secondary participants are encouraged though not required to stay at one of the official convention hotels for the duration of their participation.

An Individual post secondary member may participate in only one STAR Event per year.

Participants placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd will receive the following recognition trophy at the National Leadership Conference. All participants will receive a certificate of participation and completed evaluations, Each entry is evaluated by a standard set of criteria.


 7- Up Challenge for Membership Incentive! 

The purpose of this challenge is to encourage a state-wide member increase annually.

Incentives Categories:

  1. If your chapter increased your membership by 7 more members than your last year’s numbers, you have already achieved the 7-Up Challenge.  For example- if you chapter had 14 members last year, your chapter would need to increase to 21 members this year!
  2. If 33.3% of students in your school are members of your FCCLA chapter you have already completed the 7-Up Challenge.  Chapter advisors must notify the state office of this before March 1st.
  3. If you chapter retained the same number of members that it had last year your chapter has the option of purchasing tickets for $5.00 per person for the  State Conference event.
  4. If your chapter is affiliated as a Middle Level or Co-Curricular chapter, you have already completed the 7-Up Challenge.  By affiliating all classroom students in FCCLA.

State Conference Event:

  • On Thursday night of the State Conference, your chapter and other chapters that are eligible to attend the 7-Up Challenge event will be invited to the exclusive Highlighter Party!
  • Members will need to wear a white t-shirt and will be given highlighters!
  • There will be black lights, music and members will have a great time at this party!