Lights! Camera! Action ! New MN FCCLA State Theme seeks youth to develop “Their Own Story” through FCCLA.


What’s your favorite movie? Can you describe the plot? Is it funny? Inspiring? Scary? Dramatic?





Your FCCLA story is just beginning with a new school year.

Will your FCCLA story show that you made great strides in skills this year?

Will you determine a new career interest? Will you develop new friends and have great experiences at FCCLA events and conferences? Just like on a movie set, the state officers have challenged members to develop their “story” this year!

Take 1: Step outside yoSAM_3457ur comfort zone and accept the challenges that FCCLA can offer. Become prepared.

Take 2- Get rolling. There are lots of ways to do that in FCCLA.

Take 3: Edit your ending.  There are lots of opportunities t try new skills and fix what needs fixing. You can make mistakes- and FCCLA offers you a safety net. There are adults who care about you, your adviser to guide you and people to give you valuable feedback ( in STAR Events, in project work and in your chapter’s structure).

So start the year and get your LIGHTS illuminating  your school and community.

Take ACTION. And be ready to make corrections along the way!


Brilliant theme State Officers! Good job!


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