State Officers


2017-2018 State FCCLA Executive Council

State President                                        Mya Christensen

State President-Elect                              Ananda Patel

Secretary                                                 Abigail Allen   

Vice Pres of Service                               Massen Kunerth

Vice Pres of Resource & Development Kennedy Truscinski

Vice Pres of Partnerships                      Bethany Janssen

Vice Pres of Marketing                            Johanna Nielsen

Vice Pres of Outreach                             Taya Lindquist




State Officer positions (State Executive Council)

A State Officer team is selected by a process of application, speeches and interview at the annual state conference. An application is available early in the year for candidates. State Executive Council meets together in June, July, September, November and January each year. They are coordinated by the State Staff for state leadership of events and working together with a National Program with the regional officers and Peer Educators. State Officers present a round table workshops and speeches for Region Conferences and plan the State Conference. The State Officer Positions are President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President of Public Relations, Representative to the Board of Directors, Vice President of Community Service, and Vice President of Resource and Development.

The State Executive Council of eight state officers and their advisors direct the state programs for each year. Each of the State Officers carries responsibilities for the coordination of state projects.

Three members of the State Officer team serve on the Board of Directors

( President, President–Elect and Rep to the Board).

The Board of Directors guides the official actions of the organization. The Board of Directors is made up of advisors, outside representatives, the State President, the President-Elect and the Representative to the Board of Directors.

A Guide for Candidates and Application for State Officer positions is available annually.