Kick Start Your Career Skills with Leadership Experience in FCCLA!


Craft your career skills and become a better presenter by becoming a candidate for an FCCLA office.

Think about how many jobs require you to speak, make decisions, do planning and show leadership! Practice them NOW and be miles ahead for that job interview, the next presentation or a future career!

Have you ever wanted to help make some important decisions about FCCLA or wanted to strengthen your leadership and speaking skills?


MN FCCLA has many opportunities for you! This includes running for a peer educator, region officer or even state officer position.

Peer education is the process of education, teens teaching teens. One of the roles of an FCCLA peer educator is to learn share information on National Programs. Some other roles are:

– Teaching peers about issues

– Forming plans to help solve problems

– Modeling positive choices

Region 1 FCCLA
Our state is divided into eight different regions which meet and conduct regional business. As a region officer you conduct region meetings and plan for region events and projects. Region positions include:


– Region President
– Region Vice President
– Region Secretary
– Region Treasurer
-Junior High Council Member

Breann and LPSA officers Oct 2013

The state officers work on state leadership events and work together with National Programs along with regional officers and peer educators. During their term they give many workshops and speeches all across the state. The State Executive Council consists of eight officers and their advisors. They direct state programs and each officer carries responsibilities for the coordination of state projects.
State Officer Positions include:
– President
– President- Elect
– Secretary
– Treasurer

– Vice President of Public Relations
– Representative to the Board of Directors
– Vice President of Community Service
– Vice President of Resource and Development

Running for office is an experience that you will never forget. The friends you make while being an officer is memorable. Log onto for more details and be sure to complete the application by February 22, 2014.

Olivia and her letter- July 2013

Written by Rick Osborne-State Officer


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