This week is the annual MN FCCLA Leadership training camp.  It is Food, Fun, Friends and FCCLA!

FCCLA camp theme is FCCLA SuperHERO. What does a superhero youth leader do or how do they act? What is the most importan127_127t trait? Humble? Energetic? Compassionate? Knowledgeable? Or Committed? FCCLA camp has been a time of leadership training with the “fun factor”! So many years of leadership development have produced lots of skits, workshops, lip sync memories. Why does MN FCCLA conduct our leadership training WITH adults (advisers) and with so much fun factor to learning?

077_77We remember better when we are engaged.

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand”
FCCLA allows youth to try out new behaviors. It may be scary to stand up and deliver a speech.

Did you know that public speaking is the number one fear in North America? The second greatest fear is death! If you have the fear of public speaking, you are not alone.

At FCCLA Leadership training youth leaders develop presentations and can rehearse them, get feedback and make mistakes in a supportive environment.161_161

Here are some famous people and how they overcame fear of speaking and became influential.SAM_0167

Abraham Lincoln-His arguments contained clear logic. His mannerisms and gestures were natural. He spoke with passion.
John F. Kennedy-He spent much time studying other great orators. He used rhetorical tools such as contrasts, alliteration, and imagerySAM_0141
Nelson Mandela-He took the time to understand each audience and tailor each speech to them.While slightly different, every speech carried the same message.
Martin Luther King, Jr.-His speeches started slow increased in speed and volume to build excitement. He used repetition to help audiences follow along. He practiced parts of his speeches in smaller venues before delivering the big speechSAM_0183
Ronald Reagan-He had a great sense of humor and made audiences laugh.- He knew how to gain an audience’s trust and identify with them.
Barack Obama-He uses parallel construction, which gives his speeches very compelling rhythms and cadences.- He uses controlled movements to portray confidenceSAM_0146

So we look forward to lots of FCCLA hours where youth learn, practice their workshops, speeches and presentations and have fun doing it.

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