Invest in your future! Bring back the courses that every student needs!


Applied Academics, Personal Development and Leadership- A powerful combination! Choose One of the 10 best careers for finding a job.

A number of articles have appeared recently in newspapers, journals and messages on blogs and on social media are calling to bring back the courses that would be so helpful to students- Family and Consumer Science Education courses for food and nutrition, understanding human development, practical skills for the home and family and personal financial finance. Do you agree?FCS logo

What could be more valuable for life? Learning how to manage your money?

cooking spagettiLearning about safe food handling?

Learning about child care and preventing shaken baby syndrome or positive effects of positive parenting?

group of babys




This is what FCCLA is all about! Family and consumer sciences courses and reinforced with FCCLA STAR Events categories of competition are preparing youth leaders to be able to know financial fitness, student body (units are: eat right, be fit and make healthy choices, and families first (with modules of families today, meet the challenge, balancing work and family and parent practice) . What else do you learn?

  • Job interview skills. Good qualities for keeping a job.Job Interview waiting
  • Working in your community on service projects.
  • Having good interpersonal communication skills in your family and workplace.

Preparing for specific careers or foundation skills that will benefit all careers is what FCCLA and family and consumer sciences education can do for you.

Check out these recent articles on the MN FCCLA Website.

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