History making 2013 State Conference event



As a 4 day winter storm warning spread across the state and the 3 day conference about to start, we wondered…. What will happen? We could not reschedule.  There were too many challenges with rebooking-Hotel contracts-Resources already spent on plane tickets, programs, shirts, STAR Event supplies and more.Congratulations MN FCCLA!

To a Board of Directors with calm decisions in the midst of unusual circumstances with conference calls and thoughtful decisions.State officers 2013

    • To a stellar State Officer team who were “the little Engine that could!”
    • To a hard working state staff who put in more hours than one likes to count!
    • To dedicated advisors who said “We will get out and push that bus if we need to!”
    • To a miracle tractor and driver who appeared out of nowhere near Sauk Center to help a bus out of snow.To To chapters who arrived early to beat the weather.
    • To parents who drove their members
    • To hotel staff (s) who patiently helped many unusual scenarios of rooming and questions about the conference.
    • To National Officers who tried their best to come from out-state.
    • To speakers who were outstanding!
    • To “Life to the Max” for a future show on the Rachel’s Challenge program.
    • To alumni who showed up because they knew we would need their help.
    • To business and industry judges who helped judge and braved snowy streets to come and evaluate.To STAR Event presenters who are diligent about their projects and presentations.

We are in awe that it all came together!

Congratulations to Olivia, Ethan, Sarah, Taylor, Kelly and Skylar for making the state theme and conference come alive with youth-led energy!



  1. It was a pleasure to be a part of your event! Craig was AWESOME. What powerful messages and lessons he taught and brought tears to my eyes. I enjoyed talking to some 9th and 10th graders about being Safe and Smart when it comes to using social media to communicate and build relationships with others.

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