STAR Event season is coming! Competitive Events are challenging, they are motivational and help members learn lots of valuable skills.
Like to work alone? Here are some events good for working as an individual member. Job Interview, Career Investigation, Leadership, Nutrition and Wellness, Recycle and Redesign, Fashion Construction, Fashion Design, Teach and Train
LPA and trophy for STAR Events 2013
Like to work as a team (up to 3 people?) Entrepreneurship, Focus on Children, Illustrated talk, Interpersonal Communications, Life Event Planning, Advocacy, National Programs in Action, Promote and Publicize FCCLA, Applied Math for Culinary Management, Food Innovations, Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation, Interior Design, Sports Nutrition.
Do you like Technology? Then check these events out. FCCLA Chapter Website-individual or team, Digital Stories for Change- individual or team, No Kid Hungry National Outreach Project-individual or team, Virtual Poster-individual, Virtual Poster- Stop the Violence topics- ie: anti bullying, No Kid Hungry National Outreach Project- Individual or team.-Childhood hunger topics
Want to learn more about the career in early childhood? Do you like to work in a career with children?

Little girl dancing
These events would help you learn. Ev 8-Toys that Teach, Ev 32 Career investigation- Career of Early Childhood, Ev 35 Focus on Children, Ev 13 Illustrated Talk- Child Care 101, Ev 14 Illustrated Talk- Food for Kids, Ev 15 Illustrated Talk- Global Call to Action (Global issues), Ev 25 Advocacy- working on a concern
and advocating a change in policies or laws affecting children, Ev 26 or 27 Chapter Service- project display or portfolio- A service project involving a children’s issue or need, Ev 30 National Programs in
Action- A project using Families First, Student Body, Stop the Violence, FACTS, Ev 50 Teach and Train- A project involving learning the career of teaching pre-school, elementary children.

Are you interested in Food and Nutrition? Here are some events for you. Ev 7 Just like Rachael Raye
food demo, Ev 14 Illustrated Talk- Food for Youth, Ev 15 Illustrated Talk- Global Call to Action- Global
food issues, Ev 16 Illustrated Talk- Be Well, Ev 25 Advocacy- Changing a policy or law about food, Ev 26
and 27 Chapter Service Project- Display or Portfolio- Service project involving food, Ev 30 National
Programs in Action- Student Body projects, Ev 39 Life Event Planning- Events with food, Ev 40 Nutrition
and Wellness, Ev 42 Applied Math for Culinary Management, Ev 46 Food Innovations, Ev 45 Sports spagetti
Here are some events that would help develop your leadership skills.
Ev 5 Senior Buzz, Ev 12 Know the Creed, Ev 15 Illustrated Talk- Global Call to action ( Global leadership
issues), Ev 24 Illustrated talk- Peace, Ev 25 Advocacy, Ev 26 and 27 Chapter Service Project display or
portfolio, Ev 31 Promote and publicize FCCLA, Ev 34 Environmental Ambassador, Ev 38 Leadership. Breann and LPSA officers Oct 2013

So check out the rules and event categories in the Competitive Events Section of the MN Website and the Competitive Events National Rules on the national website.

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