FCCLA’s Central Focus is …. FAMILY


What can have a mother, father, brother, sister, and even a dog?

Written by Ethan Dressen

A family of course! FCCLA is focused around the family, so in turn they created the Families First national program.  The Families First national program focuses on maintaining a healthy family relationship. This national program has five modules: Meet the Challenge, Balancing Family and Career, Parent Practice, You-Me-Us and Families today.Family of 3

During this season of holidays, we spent time with families and focus more on family traditions, celebrations and gatherings.

Learning about other cultures and families is an FCCLA international  opportunity of the Japanese Exchange Program YFU. This national program also offers a life changing scholarship: the Japanese Exchange. This gives FCCLA students an opportunity to spend 4-6 weeks in Japan. This is funded through the Kikkoman Corp. These scholarships are worth more than $6,995.00. So if you love FCCLA and the family MAKE SURE you get involved in this life changing program. CHECK on the National FCCLA Website for information.Japan map2

YFU Scholarships: To apply for the Japanese Exchange Scholarship the applicant’s birthday must fall between February 1, 1996 and July 31, 1999. There can be no exceptions.  The U.S. government SEVIS system will not accept applicants with birth dates outside of these ranges for this program. The scholarship application is located on Youth For Understanding – USA website. To print the application, click on the “American Students” tab of the YFU USA webpage. Select “scholarships” from the menu on the left. Scroll down to locate the “FCCLA/Kikkoman” scholarship.

You may submit the application electronically; or print and mail the completed application along with the FCCLA Application Supplement Form postmarked by January 9, 2014 to:

Youth For Understanding – USA
6400 Goldsboro Road
Bethesda, MD 20817
fax: (240) 235-2174

**Please note, all applicants must complete and submit the FCCLA Supplement Form with their application.**

A scholarship recipient for last summer was Ali McGraw from Litchfield, MN!

2013 Japanese Exchange Scholarship Winners:

Megan Clark-Tchen


Caroline Crinion

South   Dakota

Sarah Draper


Rachel Frailey


Emily Fregeau


Casey Gore


Jessica Lier


Allison McGraw


Ethan Mickelson

North   Dakota

Ysabeaux Ng


Rebecca Noggle


Jordan Tallman


Payton Wilson


Hannah Zickefoose


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