FCCLA “teen to teen” peer education is powerful!


Leadership Camp 2013   You teach-You learn!

“The best test of whether or not you really understand a concept is trying to teach it to someone else”.

So why do you retain 90% when you teach someone else or when you implement it immediately?


At MN FCCLA Leadership Camp held at Bethel College campus July 31-August 2, we saw tremendous growth in learning. Youth leaders being able to communicate what they knew and members developed skills for careers. Over 65 youth leaders and their advisors attended and spent 2 ½ days honing their skills and knowledge.State Officers Jumping July 2013

The State Officers learned to work as a team to develop workshop sessions for the other participants in Leadership camp. In June and prior to July camp, the State Officers learned about marketing FCCLA and developed learning games for membership campaigns, the mission and purposes of the organization, public relations techniques, and national programs. At leadership training camp, they taught with fun activities to workshops planned for the Regional Officers, JHC and Peer Educators.

Then we watched the Region Officers and Junior High Council members do their workshops they had prepared to teach members in their region.

Teaching calls for complete understanding of the concept. State Officers 2013You can’t just ‘kind of get it’ or know it just well enough to get by on a test; teaching calls for complete understanding of the concept.

Teaching is a powerful tool for confirming your understanding of a subject.

Teaching also forces you to communicate your thoughts clearly and precisely. As our society becomes ever more interlocked and interdependent, cooperation becomes more and more important. This cooperation requires communication; however, being heard is not enough. You must also be understood.

Teaching helps you develop the extremely important skill of describing your ideas well enough for others to use them.

Teach. It’s not just good for those you help; it’s good for you, too.

90% of what they learn when they teach someone else/use immediately.
75% of what they learn when they practice what they learned.
50% of what they learn when engaged in a group discussion.
30% of what they learn when they see a demonstration.
20% of what they learn from audio-visual.
10% of what they learn when they’ve learned from reading.
5% of what they learn when they’ve learned from lecture.

One of our wise former Board of Director’s member said;” FCCLA is so great because it allows youth to learn by trying out new skills, make mistakes in a caring organization with adult support and use that “safety net” when they do (learn from a mistake).”

Real learning comes from making mistakes.
And mistakes come from implementation.
And that’s how you retain 90% of everything you learn.

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