One of the candidate selections at State FCCLA Conference will be for Peer Education Team. Peer Educators help to “model the way” and “inspire a shared vision” by telling their school, community and other members about FCCLA National Programs. SAM_0659

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This year they focused on STOP the VIOLENCE and continued the work of Hands of Kindness and Caring started with learning about Rachel Joy Scott of the Columbine HS and Rachel’s Challenge. They also did workshops and training on the national FCCLA program Student Body.

Here is what a couple of Peer Educators have been doing.

“The St. Clair FCCLA Chapter is hard at work for our biggest fundraiser of the year: Dinner Theater! This year’s spring play is “Grease” and we’re going to make dinner theater amazing! Our team is hard at work and planning the event from start to finish. Our chapter has decided that those serving the meal are to wear 1950’s attire; poodle skirts, leather jackets, rolled up jeans, the whole nine yards!For the meal, we have decided to work with FCCLA’s National Program, Student Body, for planning the meal! Dinner theater is also a great way to bring our community closer together for the play and it allows them to learn more about our awesome FCCLA program and they get to meet our FCCLA chapter members! Here at St. Clair, we’re very excited for this event!” Written by Peer Ed- Megan

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“My year in FCCLA has focused on the Rachel’s Challenge’s Hands of Kindness campaign. As a peer educator, it was my job to promote Hands of Kindness in my region and chapter. I decided to take it a little bit further and have Hands of Kindness be done within my school for National FCCLA Week. I coordinated the Hands of Kindness table during our lunch shifts at school. This was a good way to get the word out about FCCLA and show people one of the many things that we will be doing this year at our state convention. Besides at the lunch table, I also promoted the hands of kindness within my chapter. During monthly meetings, I had members of my chapter decorate hands to bring to State Conference. I  also promoted the campaign at the Region 4 meeting by sending out an email to all the chapter advisors, reminding them to bring their hands to the Mid-Winter meeting in case they forgot. At the Mid-Winter meeting, I also brought hands and set up a table for students to decorate in their free time between star events and lunch.” Written by from-Trista- Peer Ed

A new Peer Education Team will be chosen by interview process at the State FCCLA Conference April 10-12.

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