FCCLA Creates Opportunities for Practicing Some 21st Century Career Skills


As we approach FCCLA Annual State Conference, we reflect on ”What does this all mean” to our members?”.

“FCCLA has played a major role in me being motivated to consider my career path for the future. I completed the Career Investigation STAR Event this year which really opened my eyes to my personal interests as well as strengths and weaknesses. It also put a large emphasis on preparing for the future by really learning about the particular career I chose to research. I chose to investigate the nursing field and through the process I realized how many of the National FCCLA programs that we have focused on fit in with that career for example, Families First and Power of One.

Since joining FCCLA I have learned many new ways to overcome obstacles. The most important thing I’ve learned is that everyone makes mistakes and when something doesn’t go exactly as planned I’ve learned either how to adjust to the situation at hand or to try hard and persevere to make things how they should be. I’ve also learned that it doesn’t help at all to dwell in our mistakes and failures because failures are an important part to success but if you chose to give up the success will never come. When I approach making decisions I first like to think about what the possible consequences are but also what the positives are with the decision. Then I compare the positives and negatives and also consider who the decision is going to directly effect and also the ones who may be effected down the road.
Goal setting
When it comes to making goals I like to make goals that will push me outside my comfort zone and also be something that I will have to work hard for. I usually feel more sense of accomplishment when I meet a goal that took a lot more work than if it just came to me easily. FCCLA has played a role in decision and goal making for me by providing many opportunities for goal making with different projects and with leadership positions I have been put in a place where decision making is very important.”
Written by: Andrina Hasz

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