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Did you know?

16-year-olds have higher crash rates than drivers of any other age.

56% of teens said they talk on the phone while driving.

Motor-vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death in the United States.

Compared with urban residents, rural residents are at an increased risk for death from crashes and are less likely to wear seat belts.


FACTS is a national FCCLA peer education program through which students strive to save lives through personal, vehicle, and road safety. Teens work to educate adults and youth about traffic safety and support enforcement of local rules and regulations regarding community traffic safety. Youth leaders can help families promote basic safety attitudes that can last a lifetime. FACTS gives teens the knowledge and incentives they need to build an understanding of what it means to drive safely, both today and in the future. Through this program, young people plan and carry out projects that help them and their peers make informed, responsible decisions about traffic safety.

FACTS projects relate to three topic areas: people, vehicles, and roads – to understand and promote your role as a driver or passenger on the road as well as the hazards you may encounter and how to avoid or react to them with vehicle safety. FCCLA also offers national recognition to chapters that complete FCCLA FACTS projects; this honor includes cash awards and special recognition at the National Leadership Conference, online, and in Teen Times magazine.

Through working closely with FACTS, or Families, Acting, for Community, Traffic, Safety I have developed both basic and in-depth knowledge about not only traffic safety but life lessons on teamwork, critical thinking, interpersonal communication, and career preparation.

Best of luck on your FACTS Projects everyone!!


Massen Kunerth

Minnesota FCCLA VP of Service




On Friday, April 15, during the State Conference, we will focus on a Teen Driving Summit called the Safest Summer Ever! Summer is the deadliest season for teens, with an average of 422 deaths per month, (compared to 363 traffic deaths per month during the rest of the year).

May is also a month of many traffic deaths with graduations, prom season and many distractions…

This prom season we want to make sure that you are as safe as possible out on the roads!

Here are some tips to get you home with safety.




prom dress

  • Limit the number of kids in the car, and make sure that you will be the only driver of your car.
  • Insist that everyone wears a seat belt even if it means a few clothing wrinkles.
  • Instill the importance of concentration behind the wheel. (Teenage passengers can be distracting and cause the driver to be careless. Also, they will see all of their friends when they get to Prom- No need to be texting or on the phone while driving!)
  • Make sure you know the importance of driving defensively on a night when the accident rate is high.
  • Plan ahead to know exactly where you are going, even if you have to scout the trip during daylight hours. (This includes any post prom party locations.)
  • Realize the dangers of drinking and driving. No matter how confident a teenager is about his or her abilities, there will be temptations on prom night. (Remind yourself of the number of people killed by drunk drivers!)
  • Make sure you have a charged cellphone to contact your parents if you need help.
  • If you are given an extended curfew, realize how fatigue can also cause accidents. Maybe your best choice is to stay at a friend’s house closer to where you prom is held.
  • Another possible choice to avoid some of these problems is to hire a driver for the night. This way you don’t have to worry about being too tired to drive, and you can carpool with your friends!

I hope you keep all of these tips in mind this prom season. Prom will be tons of fun, so just make sure you make it home to tell about it!

Written by Andrew Backman, State Officer




Wow!- was it ever exciting to see Minnesota FCCLA members on the National Conference stage getting an award and a check for their chapter!

In July 2015 we saw Litchfield Middle accept an award for National FCCLA Chapter Award for Families First Award with a project called “A Little Can Do a Lot”.





We also saw Goodhue Jr/ Sr win a Sr High Runner Up National Award for a Stop the Violence Project called “Kindness Campaign”.





FCCLA offers a multitude of opportunities for members. One of these is taking part in a national program and applying for an award. There are many different national programs that have awards that you may apply for. In fact 8 national programs have awards linked with them.

The process of applying for a national program award starts with your chapter completing a project that would fall within a specific national program. This project must be completed between March 1st and the following March 1st. Makcareercone sure that your project is unique so it will stand out from the others. Many chapters apply for these awards so you want to be sure that yours will get noticed.

The national programs that have an award are: Career Connections, FACTS, Families First, Financial Fitness,Leadership Service in Action, Power of One, STOP the Violence, and Student Body. Each progrLeadership_Service_in_Action (1)
am has its own requirements. The requirements may be found on the national website,, under the national programs tab.

Once you have completed your project and you have decided to apply for a national program award, your next step factswill be to go onto the national website and click on the link that says Programs and then click on the next tab that says Awards. You will select the option that says Program award Applications. On this page, you will find a step-by-step list of how to apply for the national program award. It is very easy to follow and it also has a section of frequently asked questions to help you out along the way.

As stated earlier your project must be started and completed between March 1st and March 1st of the following year. The deadline to submit your chapter’s application to national headquarters is March 1st at 5:00 PM eastern time. The earlier you get your application in the better!

famfirst (1)powerone (1)finanfitstubod

Taking part istopn a national program is a great way to keep your chapter involved and also it could possibly get your chapter recognized on stage at national conference in July and also receive some money. It is a great opportunity and I hope that each and every one of you make it a goal to apply for at least one national program award this year!


Written by Courtney Heppler- State President

We still drive with distractions… even though 89% of American adults believe that texting while driving is “distracting, dangerous, and should be outlawed.”


Distracted Driving Sessions will feature Matt Logan


Matt Logan

Driving home from school on the first day of her senior year, Deej Logan was texting and driving. Like many of us, a cell phone was Deej Logan’s constant companion. First responders found it on the floor of her minivan. When investigators unlocked the phone, they found a lengthy unsent text message and figured she was responding to a friend while driving 63 miles per hour. She never saw the bus.

She passed away at the hospital five hours after typing that message.

For her family, they are ; “Desperately trying to take a horrible tragic situation in our family and turn it into something that can be positive for others,” Matt Logan said.

The Logans don’t want anyone to endure a similar tragedy. They tell their story in schools, but the message is truly for all ages: No text, no email, no anything on a cell phone is worth dying for while driving.


Some of the Facts:facts

In 2008, 37% of all collisions were directly caused by distracted drivers. The largest proportion (16%) of these collisions involved young, inexperienced drivers under the age of 20. Under normal road conditions, stopping distance for being legally intoxicated increases by about 4ft. By contrast, reading an email or text message on average increases stopping distance by 36ft – and sending an email or text message increases stopping distance by an overwhelming 70ft.

In a recent study, 89% of American adults believed that texting while driving is “distracting, dangerous, and should be outlawed.”

FCCLA National Program (FACTS) Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety has these areas:

Think Smart- Promote attitudes of safety.

Buckle Up-Use seat belts, safety seats and airbags.

Arrive Alive-Promote safe driving habits.

Speak Up-Promote empowerment of teens for their own safety.

Bridge the Gap-training between teens and adults to work together to enhance traffic safety.







Coming soon…. November Summit focuses on STOP the Violence and Preventing Distracted Driving


November Summit includes program agenda areas on the national FCCLA programs.Together_We_Are_logo-color

The November Summi conference theme is “Together We Are….. (FCCLA) and  will include training for youth leaders on STOP the Violence and Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety (FACTS) and also some of the new Competitive Events and Skill Events. Leadership in FCCLA has many avenues. One opportunity is to dive deep into a specific national program. State Officers do this with their leadership for the other state FCCLA members.facts

Marissa Kunerth has dug into the Families Active For Community Traffic Safety (FACTS) program. She will be leading a November summit session for Preventing Distracted driving.

stopTiffanie Anderson has given her leadership in the Stop the Violence national program. As a part of the November Summit. Youth Frontiers will be presenting a 3 hour retreat during the November Summit for building positive schools and communities.

As part of the November Summit, all State Officers will youth-frontiers-logobe representing their workshops about the state or national program that they have responsibility for.

In September Marissa Kunerth, went to training in Washington, D.C. as Minnesota’s Youth Service America (YSA) Ambassador. There, our four days were spent meeting with YSA’s CEO, and other YSA employees and talked with the Festival of Children Foundation founder and sharing our service learning projects.Marissa and Steve Culbertson Marissa participated in Capitol Hill and service outreach training, and heard from various other non-profit founders about how they continue to promote service-learning and community service on a national and international level. One of the highlights of this experience was meeting with Minnesota’s Senator, Al Franken  to have “Breakfast with Al” to discuss the dangers of distractive driving—the focus of my service learning project—while receiving his input on this national concern that is the number one killer of youth today.  After attending YSA’s training Marissa received a grant for Minnesota’s FCCLA upcoming conferences to educate FCCLA members about the dangers of distractive driving.


FACTS project -Written by Marissa Kunerth, State President.Marissa and Senator Al Franken

National Award Winners X 5!


We have National FCCLA Program winners from MN FCCLA Chapters.

Congratulations to the following chapters who applied for National FCCLA Program awards and are honored with the award and monetary awards. These awards will be presented in San Antonio at the National FCCLA Leadership Conference. [Read more…]

A Laboratory for 21st Century Skill Development- FCCLA STATE CONFERENCE


What do 1200 delegates, 1164 competition participants and hundreds of volunteers look like?


We are living out our mission for youth development work. We are preparing youth for careers, workforce skills and future community and family life. We are using the exemplary leadership traits to guide us to become better at encouraging the heart, inspiring a shared vision, [Read more…]

Don’t DriVE Distracted! State Summit April 11


NOYS Crash car Sept 2013

Picture this: You are running late to school so you grab your make-up to apply and breakfast to enjoy on your seven mile drive to school. You then realize you forgot a segment of your homework so you turn the radio down and grab your phone out of your center counsel to call your mom. And then it hits you—the oncoming car…you were driving distracted. While taking your eyes off the road to apply make-up, eat your breakfast, turn down the radio, and call your mom, you drifted into the opposite lane resulting in a life threatening car crash.Car crash - 2 cars

Did you know nearly 500,000 adults are injured due to distracted driving every year? Or that 65% of drivers use their cell phone while driving. Consider the fact that 49% of drivers under 35years of age send or read cell phone messages while driving. Wrap your head around that! Everyday nine of those individuals will die on our roadways due to distractive driving.

Sammy and Marissa with hand message - NOYS 2013

After attending the National Organization of Youth Safety (NOYS) Distractive Driving Summit in Washington, D.C. Sammy, Vice President of Public Relations, and I had a different outlook on life, the reality of distractive driving, and how we as Minnesota FCCLA State Officers can help remedy this global concern with your help.

Mark your calendars for April 11th, 2014 at 10:00-11:00am to attend our NOYS/Act Out Loud Distracted Driving Rally. This will involve a panel of distractive driving speakers, pledge signing, an interactive driving simulator and much more!

I believe we could start a chain reaction to end distractive driving in our state today.   See you on April 11th!

Written by Marissa Kuneth- State Officer


How To Guarantee Failure


 You do not get 100% of awards you do not apply for!  
Just do it! Go for it!
These are marketing slogans of companies who encourage you to take a chance and make something happen! Funny how it works… You apply- you might win You do not apply and you FOR SURE will not win.
Spring Lake Park Award at NLC 2012
Has your chapter done an awesome project or want a chance to be recognized in front of thousands of people?Your chapter should fill out the National Award applications found on the National FCCLA website. By filling out the national programs award applications, your chapter inspires others all across the United States to get involved.
How cool is that! Just think, if your chapter does a quality job at filling the application, you may have a chance to win money for your school. Rick and Lori at Nov ExecChapters enjoy looking at others to get ideas on how they can get their students excited about FCCLA. There are many National Programs you can apply for. They are: 
famfirst (1)
Participating in National Awards opens many doors for your chapter. Hurry! The National Programs applications are due March 1, 2014. Talk to your advisor and log on to the National FCCLA Website and submit your applications  Good Luck!!!
See TIps for Writng a Good Application

Written by State Officer- Rick Osborne