Top in the nation


Minnesota FCCLA members: 35 Gold, 50 Silver and 20 Bronze medals in National FCCLA competitions in Nashville, Tennessee.

The following 21 students placed in the top 10 in the nation in their event categories. Two were the best in the nation!

Over 7600 attended the National Conference in Nashville, Tennessee July 2-7.

Placing top  in the nation were:

#1 Career Investigation- Spring Lake Park HS

#1 Entrepreneurship- Minnesota HS

 Placing the top 5 in the nation were:

# 3 Environmental Ambassador Jr-Wheaton HS

#4 Chapter in Review Sr- Kasson-Mantorville HS

#4 Digital Stories for Change-Pine Island Sr

#4 Focus on Children Senior-Cambridge-Isanti HS

#4 Life Event Planning Sr- Wheaton

#4 Natl Programs in Action Jr-Wheaton

#5 Job Interview Sr- Lanesboro

Placing in the top 10 were:

#6 Sports Nutrition Jr-Kasson- Mantorville

#7 Chapter in Review Display-Jr- Wheaton

#8 Chapter in Review Portfolio-Jr- Herman Norcross

#8 Leadership Sr- Goodhue

#8 Promote and Publicize Sr- Pine Island Sr

#9 Teach and Train Jr-Osakis

Congratulations to these students and chapters on their accomplishments!

STAR Events (Students Taking Action with Recognition) are assessments that recognize members for proficiency and achievement in chapter and individual projects, leadership skills and career preparation. Competitive events provide opportunities to showcase college and career-ready knowledge, skills and abilities; promote FCCLA chapter as an integral part of the Family and Consumer Sciences education program and connect members with peers and the community.

FCCLA can help with #adulting skills!



a new urban dictionary term is what FACS education and FCCLA is all about. The top definition of “adulting” on Urban Dictionary is: Adulting (v): to do grown up things and hold responsibilities such as, a 9-5 job, a mortgage/rent, a car payment, or anything else that makes one think of grown ups.

“We often use #adulting when doing the things that make us realize being an “adult” isn’t fun and we want to go back to the way things were when mommy and daddy took such good care of us– when they paid the bills, bought us food and called to make our doctor’s appointments.”

In the past year, the term “adulting” has increased in usage by 700 percent on Twitter.

These #adulting skills are addressed! Check out FACS Ed classes at high school or FCCLA programs. FCCLA has the programs and resources/ opportunities for youth to learn about topics for #adulting ….

  • Insurance, mortgages, payments= Financial Fitness

  • Healthy eating, eating out vs home cooking, fitness= Student Body

  • Friends, family, interpersonal communications, balancing work and family=Families First

  • Job interviews, resumes, =Career Connections

This video highlights the need for #adulting skills.


Article posted by Mary Palin, July 2016



It is a great time to be a Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher!


May 4th-National Family & Consumer Sciences Educator Day.

Want to explore a career where you WOULD DEFINATELY GET A JOB? There is a great need for FACS teachers and FCCLA Advisers!


FACS teachers are the best! Great classroom teachers, interesting content, nurturing students in ife and

Following the theme, “Making a Difference Through Family and Consumer Sciences,” the celebration showcases the value and importance of family and consumer sciences education and its educators. “National Family & Consumer Sciences Educator Day is one way to pay tribute to the positive impact that family and consumer sciences educators have on individuals, families, and communities every day, while encouraging individuals to pursue a career in FCS education,” In secondary education alone, more than 27,000 family and consumer sciences educators are teaching more than 3 million students personal development and career preparation skills in critical areas, such as nutrition and wellness, healthy food preparation, child and family development, environmental design, consumer decision making, and personal finance.

Amazing Student Videos on National Programs


Student work explaining and showing “what they know” about the National Programs through video is always interesting!

See some great FCCLA chapter project videos.



Get Your FAMILY AT THE TABLE Photos Done By Dec 3 for the #FCCLA@theTable December Photo Contest


#FCCLA@theTable December Photo Contest

As FCCLA members, we know the importance of family. After all, family is our central focus as an organization. During the Holidays, our families gather to celebrate and spend quality time together. This usually includes enjoying a meal together without all of the distractions from our everyday lives. Yes, this includes technology. Statistics have shown that there are so many benefits of eating meals together as a family. That’s what FCCLA @ the Table is all about!

Chapter officers network and work together in Region 3.


During the month of December, National FCCLA is focusing on this national campaign by promoting the hashtag #FCCLA@theTable. Minnesota FCCLA has decided to run a contest in conjunction with this. It’s as simple as snapping a picture of your family enjoying a meal together and posting it on social media with the hashtags #FCCLA@theTable and #MNFCCLA. Please make sure you have both of these hashtags when you post your picture and, if possible, please tag MN FCCLA in the post as well! Please enter only one photo in the contest. (The photo must be FCCLA appropriate or the post must be taken down and that member will lose his/her privilege to enter the contest.)

The names of the participants will be entered in a drawing at state for a special prize! The participants’ photos may also be used in a special display at state, so we encourage you all to post your picture during this upcoming holiday season and enter in the contest! The deadline to post your picture is December 31st. Good luck and Happy Hofcclathetable_logo-1homemade-chicken-pot-pie-llidays!

Calling all Occupational Members! We have a leadership role for you!


Occupational Representative to the State FCCLA Officer Team

Deadline for application: December 20, 201620151013_095629_4

  • Applicants must be current occupational members. (not comprehensive category of membership)
  • Applicants may be from any chapter with occupational members.

As determined by the MN FCCLA Board of Directors, this position is a pilot and is a representative to the State Officer Team. The term is from January 2017 to end of the school year.

The occupational representative (s) would be asked to do these things:

  • Attend the Shadow Day February 1, 2017 in St Paul and represent FCCLA as a member who would shadow a legislator. Be part of the FCCLA members who are shadowing legislators on February 1.
  • Attend the State Conference 2017 and help the State Officer team and advisers to do tasks that are needed such as helping with registration, handing out materials, assisting with medal awards sessions, and helping to introduce speakers, doing tasks such as the scavenger hunt table, etc.CK9Z9arUYAA97Qj

The Representatives to the State Executive Council will be selected from applications and informed about this selection in January 2017.

A training session would be organized with the Executive Director after January to prepare for some of the tasks.






SayYestoFCSProfile.jpg (180×180)NLC training


  1. Schools are looking for FACS teachers to apply for open positions.
  2. The content is interesting to study.
  3. You can have a variety of jobs with a family and consumer sciences degree.-Human Services, Hospitality, Culinary, Early Childhood, Education and Training- just to name a few of the areas,
  4. The FACS degree will give you transferable skills.
Family and Consumer Science (FCS) classes are comprehensive classes that provide secondary and postsecondary students the opportunity to explore and FCS_Icon_Onlyprepare for many different types of careers. Some of these include careers in culinary, education, early childhood, fashion design, interior design, and human services. For many years, these classes have given students the skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary for their futures, allowing them to manage their finances; balance their personal, family, and work lives; strengthen their well­being; and access their creative and critical thinking skills to address problems in their home and community. They give students an understanding of the real world and a connection to their community with community service projects and real life applications.


The American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences began the “Say Yes to FCS : Filling the Family and Consumer Sciences Education Pipeline” campaign. They need YOU to consider studying  Family and Consumer Sciences; to realize the impact that FCS programs have on training America’s workforce; to recognize the role that these programs have on the quality of life; and finally, to speak up for FCS education and make it a priority for graduation requirements.

Future FACS teachers?

With the “Say Yes to FCS” campaign, they are also seekiIMG_6755ng for new educators to teach these classes. There are several universities in the Minnesota area that offer Family and Consumer Sciences Education as a major, including South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD; North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND; Minnesota State University, Mankato in Mankato, MN; St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN; and the University of Wisconsin ­Stout in Menomonie, Wisconsin. The possibilities of this this career area are virtually endless. There are 13 basic career clusters: Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources; Architecture and Construction; Arts, AV Technology and Communications; Business Management and Administration; Education and Training; Finance; Government and Public Administration; Health Science; Hospitality and Tourism; Human Services; Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security; Marketing; and STEM. If you are still wondering what career area to go into, consider giving Family and Consumer Sciences a try.

Written by Tatym Zins- State Officer

In memory of Lois Hagel-Retired Director of HERO


Written by Wendy Ambrose

CNN news was airing a show about “Who has influenced your life?”. Reporters were telling who had encouraged them and who had been mentors to them. MN FCCLA lost a special lady this week.

For many years, I worked along side Lois Hagel as she was the Director of MN HERO. In the early years of the we worked together in the Dept of Education building when it was 550 Cedar Street. We worked together at Inver Grove Heights in an elementary school classrooms where all the CTSO Executive Directors worked from. We shared a lot of conferences, national meeting travel plans and worked with students and teachers in FHA (FLA), HEART and HERO and FCCLA. When you work long hours and situations of conference “stress” you come to know another person pretty well. Yellow was her favorite color in flowers.lovely_flowers-t1

Lois was fun to work with, and worked with integrity, optimism, and sincerity. Lois has been remembered by many facebook posts as a gem, a special lady, a true good hearted person, a caring professional, dedicated and “sweet lips”. If you came to her with a problem, she always made you feel you were listened to, even if she could not solve your issue. She had a special way of customer service. She cared about everyone- it did not matter who you were. She cared. Her husband Leroy was a true friend to the organization also as he helped with conferences, offering his carpentry and wood working skills as fixing things, and for me “dog sitting” or whatever was needed.

Lois will be missed and she is a fine example of the “Encourage the Heart” exemplary leadership trait. She was a wonderful example of the family and consumer sciences’ teacher spirit. Her husband Leroy said “Lois’s heart was always in her work and a scholarship in her honor would be a wonderful way to honor her memory.” We honor her memory with a scholarship fund for MN FCCLA students to be used for national conference funding. More details will be available soon for an online donation site for this scholarship and checks can also be sent to MN FCCLA at PO 131386, Roseville, MN 55113.

The Service celebrating Lois’ life will be Jan 28, Thursday at 11:00 am at the Church of the Holy Name of Jesus in Medina, MN. Visitation will begin at 9:30 am.

Link to the service information:



Like food? Want a promising career? Sign up for the Career Day for Hospitality and Culinary Students on Dec 11



Did you know there were 104 new restaurants in the twin cities? Where do the workers come from? What is the job forecast for culinary and hospitality careers? It’s exploding! So come and learn more about possibilities for your careers in these fields.20151013_095629_4

 Download the Career Day flyer


20151013_103930 (4)Career Day 2015 Dec 11

This day is for students in culinary, advanced foods classes, hospitality. Learn more about careers in hospitality and foods careers. Applications due Dec 1 Limited space. First come, first serve…

About 11 % of the jobs in Minnesota are in travel and tourism.IMG_6405

  • A significant number of “first jobs” are in our industry.  We teach young people how to work outside the home.

  • Most senior managers and owners in hospitality businesses started their careers with entry level jobs in the industry.

  • There are hospitality jobs in every county in the State.

  • Our industry makes up 11% of all jobs, about 5% of the state gross domestic product but we collect about 17% of all sales taxes.  Virtually everything we sell is subject to sales tax.

  • Hospitality jobs are anchored here and cannot be easily moved to other states or countries.

  • Industry growth has been faster than that of the overall economy since 2010.


The Future’s So Bright! You Got to Wear Shades! Two new opportunities coming


Opportunity ahead signThese two opportunities are: Career Day and New Advisers Training!

New Advisers and those wishing to learn more…- We want you to come and learn together with a group of Advisers. Best practice advisers, state officers and staff will help you get a good grip on being an outstanding FCCLA Adviser!

Learn about the STAR Events, National Programs, How to manage a vibrant chapter! What can you do as classroom activities? How can you manage? Advisers training for new advisers or those wishing to learn more!

Download : FCCLA Cohort Application 2015

Adviser Training 

January 9, 2016 Doubletree Bloomington Hotel

Cost $15.00

Applications due Nov 28, 2015

See more information on the Advisers page.

Did you know there were 104 new restaurants opened recently in the twin cities? Where do the workers come from? What is the job forecast for culinary and hospitality careers?
It’s exploding! So come and learn more about possibilities for your careers in these fields.

Download: Career Day flyer


Career Day 2015 Dec 11

For students in culinary, ad
vanced foods classes, hospitalityChef picture

Learn more about careers in hospitality and foods careers.

Applications due Dec 1 Limited space. First come, first serve…