Top in the nation


Minnesota FCCLA members: 35 Gold, 50 Silver and 20 Bronze medals in National FCCLA competitions in Nashville, Tennessee.

The following 21 students placed in the top 10 in the nation in their event categories. Two were the best in the nation!

Over 7600 attended the National Conference in Nashville, Tennessee July 2-7.

Placing top  in the nation were:

#1 Career Investigation- Spring Lake Park HS

#1 Entrepreneurship- Minnesota HS

 Placing the top 5 in the nation were:

# 3 Environmental Ambassador Jr-Wheaton HS

#4 Chapter in Review Sr- Kasson-Mantorville HS

#4 Digital Stories for Change-Pine Island Sr

#4 Focus on Children Senior-Cambridge-Isanti HS

#4 Life Event Planning Sr- Wheaton

#4 Natl Programs in Action Jr-Wheaton

#5 Job Interview Sr- Lanesboro

Placing in the top 10 were:

#6 Sports Nutrition Jr-Kasson- Mantorville

#7 Chapter in Review Display-Jr- Wheaton

#8 Chapter in Review Portfolio-Jr- Herman Norcross

#8 Leadership Sr- Goodhue

#8 Promote and Publicize Sr- Pine Island Sr

#9 Teach and Train Jr-Osakis

Congratulations to these students and chapters on their accomplishments!

STAR Events (Students Taking Action with Recognition) are assessments that recognize members for proficiency and achievement in chapter and individual projects, leadership skills and career preparation. Competitive events provide opportunities to showcase college and career-ready knowledge, skills and abilities; promote FCCLA chapter as an integral part of the Family and Consumer Sciences education program and connect members with peers and the community.

Successes at National FCCLA


Leadership, learning and lots of new experiences in food, music and sightseeing were on the agenda for the 188 Minnesota delegates at Nashville, Tennessee.

We are proud of the Minnesota award for the largest increase in membership in the central region.


Several chapters were honored for their National awards in program areas.


We had 35 gold medals, 50 silver and 20 bronze medals in STAR Events.

Two advisers attended the National FCCLA Adviser Academy.

The conference offered many opportunities for leadership development, career exploration and socializing with students from around the nation.

Lois Hagel Memorial Scholarships for NLC were given to, Melanie Knealing from Kenyon

Wanamingo HS, Frannie Bakken from Wadena Deer Creek,  Dakeri Howell from Kenyon- Wanamingo ,Mya Christensen from RTR .









Scenes from the National Conference 2017 in Nashville.

Amazing State Conference with excellence everywhere!



Great STAR Events, showing that MN FACS students are learning and showing their skills and knowledge in creative ways.

Amazing Service projects that inspire us to do more for our communities and people in need.

Great state and National level successes with awesome projects to earn recognition and resources to continue your good work.

Thank you parents, chaperones and alumni who gave of your time.

Continue your good work in your communities and in your spheres of influence.

You Dared to Explore! You are amazing.






Announcing: The results of the 2017 Healthy Schools, Healthy People, It’s a SNAP National Awards Program with you. Healthy Schools, Healthy People, It’s a SNAP is a hands-on initiative from the American Cleaning Institute and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, designed to help keep students in school and learning by promoting clean hands. Since 2003, schools have received recognition for their handwashing projects.

Top Recipient Award:
Congratulations go to Litchfield HS FCCLA from Litchfield, Minnesota who earned the national award for their Healthy Holidays campaign. During Halloween, the team created a Germ City and taught correct handwashing procedures using SSSRD as our mnemonic (Soap, Scrub, Sing, Rinse, and Dry). The team conducted a bread experiment for second graders for Thanksgiving and videos for Christmas and Valentine’s Day.


“Pie in the Face” to Raise Funds at State Conference


MN FCCLA is a State Lead Agency 2017 for Global Youth Service Day. April 21-23, 2017.

We will be celebrating youth service at state conference.


The signature celebration events will occur in local chapter’s communities with a MIRACLE MINUTE campaign to benefit food shelves in your area.

What is a Miracle Minute for Service?

During April 21-23, 2017, MN FCCLA is asking all Chapters to conduct a Miracle Minute or a Miracle day at their school in sponsoring a Lead2Feed effort for helping the local food shelves in their area.

  • What could you do?
  • Collect coins and donate all to your local food shelf.
  • Write announcements about Miracle Minute and the facts about food insecurity and hunger in your area
  • Develop a class challenge for prizes on which classroom or grade donates the most. Give prizes.
  • Find a “celebrity “ in your area to help you market the effort.
  • Challenge a neighboring FCCLA chapter to outdo your effort.
  • Collect cans of food and make a visual display in your school.

“Pie in the Face” to raise funds for these two causes will occur at state conference.

A benefit for Kelley Leibold and Olivia Wicklund family will occur as we help two former state officers who are challenged with health situations. As we pass around the buckets at general sessions, the donations will go to these two officers who have set up Go Fund Me accounts for their situations .We will divide the donations equally to these two former state officers.

About Kelly: November 29th, 2016 we found out that Kelly has a 5 centimeter tumor in her bottom right side of her brain. It has been causing her extreme dizziness, slight loss of control on her right side, headache, and nausea. Kelly has been unable to work for the last few weeks and needs to be able to pay basic home amenities along with her medical bill. Any amount, big or small, will be greatly appreciated!  Support Kelly Leibold as she finishes proton-beam radiation this February and starts chemotherapy in March. Proceeds raised go toward Kelly’s medical and living expenses.

About Olivia:
 My mom, Beth Wicklund, has been diagnosed with severe, early-onset subcortical dementia. My family has watched Beth’s father, my grandfather, pass away from severe dementia. We know this illness. We know our lives are now forever changed. We know the struggle ahead. That is why, on behalf of my mom and dad I am asking for help. My mom is only fifty-two years old. This diagnosis been an ongoing process and a daily struggle. After insurance, her medical bills are totaling $15-20,000. After losing my mom’s income, the rest of the family struggles to make house payments, car payments, copays on prescriptions, lunch account for my fifteen-year-old brother, hotel to stay down at Mayo Clinic for further testing, etc. Payments are long passed due and my dad could really use some relief as soon as possible (although he is too stubborn and grateful for the people that have already helped us immensely to admit we need help). I know there are many good causes to give too. I’m sure there are families that are scared and hurting even more than we are, but I am creating this fund because I am finally willing to admit that I am scared and I am hurting for my parents and what the future may bring. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my family’s story. If you are unable to donate, your prayers mean everything to us as well.

Celebration of Service Projects- At State FCCLA Conference. Parade of Service Projects at the Thursday General Session.

Signature Event– A Miracle Minute campaign in April in your FCCLA communities to benefit food shelves.

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America ( FCCLA)  will to use service –learning to address many teen issues. We will develop youth-organized workshops, conferences and projects in 5 Areas.

Youth will lead peer education efforts to influence their peers to inspire other teens for healthy family meals, community issues and local, state or global problems.

We will partner with other programs to bring information and inspiration to their peers in workshops and assemblies and develop service-learning programs around these issues for children, near-peers or their peers.

“Demonstrate what they know” in MN FCCLA STAR Events (Students Taking Action with Recognition) presentations before an evaluation team.




FCCLA members work together to create awesome video messages about their FCCLA experiences.

Here are some outstanding videos from the Area Leadership Video contests!

FCCLA is for Everyone! From Central East and the Litchfield Chapter

Why do you like FCCLA? From Southwest Area and RTR Junior

Congratulations on these chapter’s video projects.





A record number members applied to be a part of Shadow Day at the state capitol. Members were matched with legislators to learn about the “day in the life” of a person in a public policy career.

On Feb 1, members meet legislators and observe state government in action with committee hearings, talking with policy makers and observing the work of careers in state government. The refurbished state capitol makes the day an exciting one.

Over 35 student applied for this experience.


They shadow a legislator for a portion of the day. The students also meet with Career and Technical staff at the Department of Education prior to going to the state capitol. MN FCCLA encourages students to learn about careers through this event. The opportunity to speak about their projects and advocate for their opportunities in a career and technical education student organization are valuable life-long skills.

Minnesota FCCLA is a dynamic and effective student organization that helps young men and young women to become leaders and address important personal, family work and societal issues through family and consumer sciences education. SAM_5095





State Conference 2017- Opening Session on March 23.

We are seeking a National Anthem singer to apply for this honor and duty.



Submit your name and a video or tape to the State FCCLA office by February 10.

A selection will be made from nominations we receive.

Congratulations on STAR Event successes at Area Midwinter Conferences!


FCCLA members are improving their skills in planning, time management, working on teams, developing a presentation, research and creative thinking through the 50 STAR Event categories.


Students are doing their presentations, portfolios and displays now this month for AREA competitions and planning for involvement in State level events.

Midwinter events are conducted in January and qualifiers have received state advancer medals. There are 50 STAR Events.

Second opportunity is to do a SKILL Event-The list is long for the SKILL events you can do! These are available to any member at State Conference.img_0422

Skill Event-Culinary Food Art

This event will showcase the best of participant’s creative and artistic skills in utilizing an assortment of fruits and vegetables to design an interesting food item.

See National Skill Event rules.

Skill Event-Culinary Food Art

This event will showcase the best of participant’s creative and artistic skills in utilizing an assortment of fruits and vegetables to design an interesting food item.

See National Skill Event rules.

Skill Event-Culinary Knife Skills

This event will showcase the best of the participant’s knife skills. Participants will produce six uniform pieces for each knife cut meeting industry standards and demonstrate proper safety and sanitation procedures.

See National Skill Event rules.

Skill Event-Toys that Teach

This event is an individual event

that shows the ability to design, build

original home-made toy for children.

See National Skill Event rules.

Interviewing Skills

This event is an individual event to prepare to do a job interview at an entry level position.

See National Skill Event rules.

Skill Event-Impromptu Speaking

This event is an individual event that shows the ability to express one’s thoughts in an impromptu situation maintaining poise, self-confidence and conversational speaking.

See National Skill Event rules.


Speak Out for FCCLA, an individual event, recognizes members for their ability to utilize marketing and public speaking skills to promote Family and Consumer Sciences and FCCLA membership through participation in the FCCLA national program Power of One unit, “Speak Out for FCCLA.” See National Skill Event rules.

Technology in Teaching

Technology in Teaching, an individual event, recognizes members for their ability to select and critically evaluate an application (app) for use as part of a class offered in the Family and Consumer Sciences program. Ahead of time, members review the app using the provided checklist, prepare an oral presentation, and demonstrate the app to evaluators. See National Skill Event rules.

Skill Event-Early Childhood Challenge

This event, an individual event is a knowledge and skills test which allows participants to complete challenges related to FACS subject matter including child development, early childhood education concepts.

See National Skill Event rules.

Skill Event-Nutrition


This event is an individual event, a knowledge and skills test which allows participants to complete challenges related to FACS subject matter including nutrition.

See National Skill Event rules.

Skill Event-Science in FACS


This event is an individual event, a knowledge and skills test which allows participants to complete challenges related to FACS subject matter including sciences and technology related to food, health and textile sciences.

See National Skill Event rules.








I served as the Vice President of Public Relations this year, and it was great! I have always loved journalism and I got to serve you as (almost) a journalist. I got to write press releases, talk to you about good public relations, and I learned better life skills. It also made me very happy that when I got asked by staff and students at my school what FCCLA is, I got to tell them about it and they were all impressed that I was able to tell them all about FCCLA.


When working with the rest of my team, I got to meet life long friends and that means so much to me! Working with the team, Wendy, and my advisor got me so pumped up about FCCLA that it made me think anything was possible. The thing I like best about my position is that I get to talk to people and learn new things, those are two of my favorite things to do. if anyone would want to run for Vice President of Public Relations, I would encourage it especially if they love to be with people as much as I do!img_8558


Bethany Janssen, Vice President of Publi
c Relations