Capitol Leadership in Washington DC attended by State Officers


State FCCLA leaders learn networking skills leadership, and advocacy while attending the conference in Washington DC

Capitol Leadership 2012 was awesome! At this amazing leadership conference I was trained In so many different areas of leadership/ I learned to network, be better at speaking skills, social media and much more! This experience made me think twice about mistakes I make as a leader and how to fix them. I also met many new people that were all wonderful. I was inspired by the leadership, kindness and compassion for FCCLA at this conference. This really was the Ultimate Leadership Experience for me !

By Tayler- MN FCCLA State Secretary/ Treasurer

The training we got at Capitol Leadership was beneficial to MN FCCLA because we worked with leaders from all over the country and we were able to share ideas. All state officers learned about new ways to recruit members, publicize our chapters and collaborate with other groups and organizations, for example YSA. Sharing our ideas with other officer teams was really motivating because they would give us positive feedback. Especially about our membership campaign called the 7-Up challenge. This made us  feel great about all our hard work. Overall capitol leadership was a great leadership and networking experience and is strengthened our organization.

By Sarah- MN FCCLA State VP of Community Service

I think my favorite part of Capitol Leadership this year was the activity done by Caleb Heron and Magda Hernandez, two National FCCLA Officers.  They challenged members to write “their story” in 6 words or less. Then we posted them to twitter with the hashtags #FCCLA DC and #bethe change. It was inspiring to see what types of messages motivated other officers from different states. Allin all, I absolutely loved reconnecting with FCCLA friends and make new ones too. From Capitol Hill to the newly opened MLK Memorial, DC is the pace to put an idea into action!

In 6 words or less, describe your leadership goals or philosophy..

By Olivia- MN State FCCLA President


The” Ultimate Leadership Experience!”  is only made ultimate through the enthusiasm of America’s youth leaders across the nation! Minnesota FCCLA state officers Olivia, Tayler, Ethan, Sarah and Kelly learned networking, leadership development at the nation’s capitol. National FCCLA has a leadership Academy lead by the LTT (Leadership Training Team) consisting of past National FCCLA Officers and staff. They highlighted points on public speaking, communications, effective networking, etiquette and proper dress and a plethora more information to bring back to FCCLA members. The State Officers met with senate staffers to inform about FCCLA. FCCLA was also well represented by National Officer Skylar Borchardt, National VP of STAR Events.

By Kelly – MN FCCLA State VP of Public Relations.


Washington DC:

Known for the Capitol, the White House and many attractions but the 3 days of Capitol Leadership it was known for FCCLA. We learned so much about leadership skills through networking with members throughout the nation. Getting to meet with the national Officers was a great experience. I have made friendships that I am sure will last a lifetime. I have improved on aspects of networking and speaking skills. As Magda Hernandez told me, “In life, you’re  either are the passenger or the pilot. It’s your choice. “ I felt that this is true for you have to have the motivation to want to do the many things that this conference had to offer.

By Ethan- MN FCCLA State VP of Resource and Development



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