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5 FCCLA Chapter Ideas for the Year

Planning activities and events that an FCCLA chapter can do together can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are some simple and fun ideas that any chapter can complete throughout the whole school year!IMG_4391-560x373


  1. At the Moviesmovies

Popcorn, a good movie, and great friends are the best way to start the weekend. As a chapter, what better way to enjoy each other’s company other than having a movie night? Whether it’s a scary movie, the funniest movie you have ever seen, or maybe just your typical chick flick, everyone loves a great movie. Who wouldn’t love a night spent in the school, a night out on the town, or at a friend’s house? So sit back and enjoy the movie!


  1. New PlacesJerry and bi plane

If your chapter meetings are becoming a little boring and are in need of a little something new, try changing the meeting space. Going to the bowling alley, ice skating rink, or a pool party for a chapter meeting is a great way to change it up a little. Sometimes the change of scenery creates the perfect environment to keep people engaged and keep them active in the chapter.

  1. Get Active!stubod (1)

FCCLA has a national program, Student Body, focusing on a fit and healthy you. And what better way to do that and still have fun than going to the local park and starting a game of kickball, softball, tennis or any other sport?! Sometimes it’s also nice to play a good old fashioned game of Pokemon Go! and catching all those Pokemon creatures together as a chapter!


  1. TheBog SNowmanmed Holiday Parties

, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are some great reasons to get together for a little celebration with your chapter. Dress up in your wackiest costume and celebrate with your chapter for Halloween. During Christmas, our adviser makes our whole chapter lasagna and we all pass around gifts to each other. But you could also turn these holidays into a community service project to fit your community’s needs.  Wade a Deer Creek got a national award for trick or treating for food shelf items. What could your chapter do?


  1. Color paint cans

    Color paint cans

    Arts and Crafts Night

As a chapter, the members can do arts and crafts together. A craft that can be done at any age is key. Websites such as Pinterest can offer fun, simple, and creative ideas that your chapter can try. Why not have a friendly competition among members with your arts and crafts activity with winners winning prizes? One example of the prizes could be the winner picking the fun activity for the next meeting.


written by Gracie Vatthauer, Representative to the Board of Directors

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