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Being in FCCLA can be a difficult job, but it can also be rewarding.  Minnesota FCCLA is proud of all of our advisors.  One MN FCCLA has received a national award!

Katie Pollock, from Hinkley-Finlayson, is a relatively new adviser.  She started teaching FACS and advising her FCCLA chapter, this past year.  She has won the Spirit of Advising Award which “recognizes chapter advisers who are constantly faithful, often quietly working behind the scenes to ensure the success of their students.”  I had the opportunity to talk with Ms. Pollock about winning this award.

What was running through your mind when you received the notification that you had won the award?

I was surprised and excited all at the same IMG_5571time! I had heard of other awesome advisers receiving this award in past years and I felt honored to be one of the recipients.

What makes you the most happy when advising your FCCLA chapter?

I find the most happiness when members from the chapter come to me with ideas and a plan of how they want to execute that idea! I love seeing students step up and take action for something they care about and FCCLA is the perfect organization to help students plan and carry out their ideas!

Since you are a new adviser, what is one piece of advice you would give to NEW advisers and what is one thing that surprised you when you first started?

As a new adviser I found it helpful to get in contact with other advisers in my Region so I could ask questions and share ideas. I also found it important to talk with my principal about FCCLA and what we are about. My principal was excited and surprised to hear about all the different things FCCLA does and gave me ideas for some volunteer opportunities within the school district and community.

I started my FCCLA journey as a student member in 6th grade, now that I am an adviser I have a whole new perspective on how much behind the scenes work goes into a successful FCCLA chapter, region and state.


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Jacob Just

Minnesota FCCLA State President


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