A Resilient You-Learn more about it with the FCCLA Student Body Program!


A Resilient You


Resiliency is one of the four modules of this year’s Student Body national program: A Healthy You, A Fit You, A Real You, and A Resilient You. Resilience is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties or to put it in simpler terms how well you respond to challenges you life throws your way.

This year’s state theme is Dare to Explore with FCCLA and one of the goals is to Acstate theme 2016-2017cept the Challenge: a big part of being resiliency is to accept the challenge.

It is important to be resilient because at some point in life we are going to face inevitable challenges. There are many ways to improve your resiliency:

  1. Setting goals can help you become more resilient because it allows you to become more prepared for the future, allowing you to be more prepared when challenges come your way.
  2. It is important to accept the challenges that come your way and face them head on. Being resilient is how well you are able to bounce back from the challenges you are faced with.
  3. Having a positive attitude can help you improve you resiliency because being positive is what allows you to overcome challenges. It is vital to have a positive drive when facing adversity and realizing the situation is only temporary.
Taya Lindquist,
Vice President of Resource and Development



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