A Powerful Positive Force in Youth Development –MN FCCLA Leadership Camp! Deadline is June 1


“Everything is Awesome- When You’re Part of a Team”!

FCCLA Leadership Camp is coming – Deadline for registration is June 1. Why do we have a leadership camp? It has been a traditional event of MN FCCLA for years.


At MN FCCLA Leadership Camp- Youth can….

  • Become more confident and experience increased self esteem. (96% of eighth grade males fell more confident In achieving. MN FCCLA survey 2014)

  • Develop more social skills. (5 of 6 grades surveyed said that FCCLA has helped them with public speaking skills. MN FCCLA survey 2014)

  • Grow more independent and show more leadership. (81% of eighth grade boys said that FCCLA has helped them to set priorities.) MN FCCLA survey 2015

  • Become more adventurous and willing to try new things. MN FCCLA had 62 different STAR Events to try last year and many national programs.

At Camp: MN FCCLA teen Leaders plan, develop and carry out assigned sessions. They lead groups to various activities. They talk about how to be a positive role model at their school.Region Fall Meeting 2014 round table

At Camp: MN FCCLA youth and adults rotate into a variety of small and large group sessions teaching about various topics. Key note speakers present educational topics and answer questions.

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At Camp: MN FCCLA youth are taught various skills such as organizing a presentation, planning, time management, speaking and working in teams.


At Camp: MN FCCLA youth learn things that will be useful in the future. Some of these include:

-Communications-The exchange of thoughts, information, or messages between individuals using speech, writing, gestures, and artistic expressions.
-Accepting Differences-To recognize and welcome factors that separate or distinguish one person from one  another
-Positive Identity- Valuing oneself, pride in oneself, understanding ones abilities strengths and  limitations; realistic assessments.P1050341

Advisers have fun too!

This year’s theme is FCCLA –Camp Lego based on the Oscar nominated song from the movie that says “Everything is Awesome- When You’re Part of a Team”! Find registration forms on the MN FCCLA website.

Camp theme 2015

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