Write A Quality Application for Awards


Write A Winning Award Application

It is the season of applying for FCCLA state and national awards. How do you submit a quality application? Many awards come with recognition, scholarships or a cash award?. Putting time into it will pay off with a application you can be proud of!



Spring Lake Park Chapter- Career Connection National Award for 2012 presented in Orlando.


  1. BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND. Before beginning, take a look at the application. What is needed for the planning, execution and follow-up of the project?
  2. QUALITY IS IMPORTANT.  Winning applications are a combination of great projects and well written applications. Well written applications need to fit into the space of the application, relay important points and tangible details and accurately reflect the time you spend on the project.
  3. YOU WILL NOT “WIN” UNLESS YOU APPLY. The winning awards will be from those who apply! If you do not apply- you have 0% chance of winning an award.  Evaluators will be assessing entries on variety, creativity, collaboration, appropriate subject matter and incorporation of Family and Consumer Sciences content

4.       WRITING TIPS.

    1. Follow Directions
    2. Proofread. Have another set of eyes look at it first. Write it out in a word document BEFORE you paste it into a on line submission !
    3. Be concise, not wordy.
    4. Use detail whenever possible.
    5. Use statistics.
    6. Don’t assume others know. Spell out acronyms or terms.
    7. Be professional and formal.


Not specific “We had a really great project”-

Better: “ Our project affected 1211 students, 367 adults and 890 children with an impact that will last a lifetime.”

 Not specific- no data. “ The project was covered by many newspaper articles.”

Better: “The project, written in 6 newspapers, had an audience of 35890 readers. Our facebook had 589 LIKES for this project. The school website had 4 posts about the project and this is viewed by 790 families and 1100 students.

See this rubric for writing Award applications. Developed by MN FCCLA.

Download the Evaluation Form -National Awards

Adapted from: The Winning Program Award Application, FCCLA Lesson Planner. published by  National FCCLA , 1910 Association Drive, Reston, Va. 20191


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